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I am on my 5th straight week of teaching.  You may not see the enormity of that statement, but for someone my age who uses a high-energy level when teaching, it’s huge.  I know my limits and believe me, this week is going to push me beyond them.  I am ready for burn out and I know burn out is our...
Having survived the financial crisis earlier this decade, initially I don’t get super excited when I read that home values are increasing.  One article said the home values are increasing beyond 13% a year.  That’s a little scary to me.  I worry that the country will follow the same path it took ...
Sir Francis Bacon was given credit for first using the phrase, “Knowledge is power” in 1597, although it was believed to have been coined by Imam Ali (559-661 CE).  Over the centuries, however, others such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Hobbes have professed this powerful principle in their writi...
TEAM Hughes teaches to students in different settings, e.g. pre license, post license, broker’s license.  We see students from all walks of life, with different personalities, all wanting to reach different goals.  Many times, I wonder if a certain student will have what it takes to make it as a ...
REALTORS® and real estate agents sometimes have strong personalities that aid them in their success.  Even mild-mannered real estate licensees can be successful financially.  I get to observe lots of different personalities, and sometimes I’m really excited by what I see.  Recently, I met a young...
You did it!  You passed the state exam and got your real estate license!  Pat yourself on the back because you are among some incredible people.  Did you wonder if you’d pass?  Did you have to try several times?  All that is behind you now and finally, you have your real estate license.  Someone ...
Last week I taught a Florida Post License class to nine interesting real estate licensees.  Seven of them were REALTORS® and two had never practiced real estate, yet had kept their licenses intact for the future.  Each one of them had been licensed between 18 months and two years.  These diverse ...
As a real estate career is busy, so is the life of a real estate instructor, especially one who owns a real estate school.  Things get crazy from time to time because we just cannot keep up with all the people involved in our business.  For you, it’s buyers and sellers.  For us, it’s prospective ...
Practicing real estate is usually a team effort between real estate agents, consumers, closing professionals, brokers, and a myriad of other people involved for inspections and closing services.  Do you ever feel alone in your practice?  Some days it seems as if you are the only one swimming in y...
Our market is Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas, Daphne, AL and surrounding areas, and Shalimar, FL and surrounding areas.  When you put all of them together, you get some impressive names, such as Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fole...

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