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We all enter a new year with the best of intentions.At the same time, there are numerous challenges we face and many questions we have.Let's take a look at some questions or uncertainties: Presidential race - primaries and the ultimate winner; economic outlook - possible recession, fuel costs, Fe...
May I take a moment this morning to reach out to all Active Rain members.  Please take extra caution if you are driving today and especially this evening.  Despite the attention by law enforcement and our society to driving intoxicated, there are still those who challenge that ideal.  Even if you...
I took a moment to look up the current number of licenses on file with the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) and it stands at 543,000.  Some quick math here puts that at about 1 license per 52 people in the state and 1 license per 40 people if you extrapolate people under 18 years old.  ...
I'm proud to live and work in Orange County California.  Yes, the "OC" with it's excellent infrastructure, 42 miles of coastline, research & development, financial mainstream and weather that most agree is best anywhere.That's why I resent the "OC" being named recently as sowing the seeds of subp...
Wow...recent news stated that even the Clergy are troubled and concerned about the current mortgage debacle.  At weekly prayer gatherings it is very common that groups pray in support for our troops, pray for the poor, pray for the sick, pray for help in marital problems and job losses.  But thes...
A major asset management company in Orange County is being very aggressive in buying homebuilder stocks.  You may be asking 'why'? at a time when these stocks are so out of favor and beaten down.  Perhaps there is a pearl of wisdom here.  Most great investors look out 3 - 5 years for their time l...
I know the importance of working smarter and harder not only in the current market environment but as a constant work ethic.That's why I just fry to see CEO's getting fired with a 'golden parachute' severance package that would be the 'lottery' for 99.9% of Americans.  Take a look at financial ne...
FHA is modernizing with the help of the Senate and a bill passed just several weeks ago on December 14th.  The Senate's plan would give homeowners the option of refinancing to an FHA backed loan and enjoy the peace of mind that goes with it.As 2008 is just around the corner, let's get this bill i...
I like food and I try to eat healthy.  We all get off track around the holiday season, but for the most part healthy is the word.  So I appreciate when foods are marked "use by this date" or "best if consumed by this date".  You know, the language that tells you you're in the safe zone.I also lik...
Today, oil prices and gold prices skyrocketed and stocks plummeted on the NYSE amidst the Bhutto assasination and resulting civil unrest and trouble in Pakistan.So much for the Santa Claus rally that Wall Street was waiting for.  And we really didn't need more angst on Wall Street...after all, ou...

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