I was realizing the other day that it is officially over 25 years that I have been a Realtor.  Notice I said a Realtor and not a real estate agent.  I joined the Palm Beach Board of Realtors in 1982 and have been active in the business ever since.  Normally I would say that this means absolutely ...
I have been in the market for a new phone and I'm amazed at how sophisticated they have become and at the same time equally amazed at how difficult they are to use.  Is there a phone out there that really makes things easier?  The Treo must be the cause of at least one car accident a day with its...
Once again I get to trademark my latest idea.  The "Regurgitating Puppy Alarm Clock"(tm) is already in production in factories in Malaysia and the infomercial is geing shot this week with Kelly Ripa being the pitch woman with great lines like: "Do you know what it takes to get me up Monday throug...
If you were in the real estate business in 1987, or for that matter alive in that year, you will undoubtedly remember "Black Monday" as the day the DJIA lost a major percentage of value and threw the US into a lengthy recession.  The week before that day the Dow had major sell-offs like we had th...
I was convincing myself the other day while I contacted an architect to make changes to plans that she had already drawn up for me in 2005 that the market was "coming back".  I had it in my head that the bounce in sales I saw these past six months was proof that the economy was strong.  It was pr...
Market in a slump?  Buyer's market got you down?  Interest rates hurting your sales?  Too much competition in your market for too few buyers?  And the list goes on and on...I propose this.  You are afraid to succeed.  You are working the hours, but you are prepared for and expect failure.Inorder ...
At about 1:00 PM I read the lastest economic report filed on with quotes from economists, Realtors (probably NAR but they just said Realtor) and even a mention of the Federal Reserve all pointing fingers at the possibility that we are either heading for a soft landing in the housing mar...
Notice that I believe that this product will be big...VERY BIG!  Don't you even think about stealing my idea.  I can just see Brookstone and The Sharper Image fghting over this product to make it theirs.  It all came to me this morning as I lept to my feet...without once drop of coffee to help me...
I am writing this blog to all of the real estate professionals out there who disrespected the efforts of their broker owners and sales managers this week or last week or within the last month by not attending their...YOUR...sales meeting.  I'm sure that you are less informed than you might have b...
So you want to be a "Featured" blogger on Active Rain?  That's good...a blog a day will undoubtedly get you noticed on search engines eventually, and maybe that will improve your business.  I would suggest a blog a day to get started.  At first it will be difficult to find a topic but after a wee...

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