click here for some very cute/ scary and of course humiliating dog costumes...why do we torture our pets? That's a costume by the way.
My team of brokers and builders is interested in acquiring houses, two families (multi-families) and land in Newton, MA.  In addition to Newton (preferably the South Side) we are looking for opportunities in Needham, Brookline, Weston and Wellesley. Lot sizes in Newton should be at least 15,000. ...
If you are blogging and tagging on AR, Facebook, Word Press or any other site that lets you connect your thoughts, photos and links with the world through the Internet you are loading your material into "the cloud". Click on this link that will make it all easy to understand...well at least it's ...
I have seen these pop-ups come through my networked computers and I know that it is tempting to hit the button that offers a solution to the "virus" below...the crooks are getting smarter but we can still beat them! You may have seen this before, it goes like this: a pop-up pops and it loo...
By now you have probably heard that India's richest man just built a $1 Billion home.  Not that I don't think that everyone needs a 27-story home with 3 heli-pads...but what happens in a few years when he wants to upgrade and build something larger...I mean we all know about how we outgrow our ho...
I want to rant about AR but what's the point?  The site is great.  I just wish they had a phone number readily available.  I had to listen through a dozen saved messages on my cell phone to finally get a number from an old call I had from someone at AR.  I had a simple question concerning my "HD"...
It's my 55th birthay today and I am demonstrating the power of Active Rain at my sales meeting right now...write me and say hi!
To everyone who wonders what I do on my time away from the office...check out John's website:   Last week was Bonaire...more photos to come.  
  I just returned from a week away in Bonaire (Netherland Antilles...Curacao and Aruba as well make up the "ABC Islands) as depicted in the photo.  That picture was snapped at a depth of 60 feet by my new dive buddy John.  The guy has the most amazing underwater photographic equipment I have ever...

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