Recently there’s been a lot of discussion about the buyer’s agent. Some believe that the role is under attack because of developments in technology. Many buyers are now finding properties online and contacting listing agents directly. Needless to say, the position is under fire, and this it’s jus...
Pricing a home right can be tricky, especially in volatile markets with prices that often fluctuate. It’s especially hard to tell if the other current list prices are accurate to the actual sale prices, which usually aren’t public until the sale closes- three or four months later. Analysis of sim...
For many, buying a house is the next logical step after getting married. With the power of combined income and shared liability, it’s a great time to plunge into the real estate world. However, if it’s your first time buying a house, what you might not realize is that there are certain snafus you...
Adding certain furnishings or decoration can help bring an older home into the modern era. You want to show your audience the potential that your home has, and sometimes this means trading out your older furniture for something newer and cleaner. However you do need to be careful not to mislead a...

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