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I have been writing a series of blogs about my expereiences in starting an organic container garden, and some of the problems I have run in to. One of those problems has been pesky pests. In addition to the fungas gnats another type of pest has been causing some problems. These particular pests a...
I am writing a series of blogs about my experiences in growing an organic container vegetable garden. I had been trying to get my plants healthy after being being sick and having to let them go a little bit. The tomato seedlings were a wierd kind of yellow light green color and I was tying to get...
I have heard of secondhand smoke and the dangers of that, but I had never heard of secondhand stress until hearing about it this evening on World News With Diane Saywer.  You can see the story here.  Apparently, secondhand stress is a stress response you get from being around someone else, who is...
  We got a phone call Saturday that nobody ever wants to get.  The kind of call that changes everything. That makes you question everything, makes you want to hold your love ones close and appreciate every minute you have with them. My husband's stepson from his first marriage's beautiful vibrant...
We have been under a boil water alert since Tuesday in Satellite Beach and the surrounding areas from Pineda Causeway to Eau Gallie Causeway.  Apparently a fire hydrant replacement went awry and a water main “erupted” and contaminated the drinking water of about 12,000 homes and businesses.  The ...
  I have been writing a series of blogs with my experiences with growing an organic container garden.  You can see the first three posts here, here and here.   I left off on the last post being really sick after inhaling fumes from VOCs from the stain that was used on the outside of the wooden co...
I have always thought a conversation was a two way exchange.  One person expresses themselves, the other person listens (or reads) and then responds.  Then the or other person listens and so on and so on.  I recently wrote a post about how important it is to listen, you can see that here.     Whi...
  It May Have a Looked Like Just Four Boys in A Car...But For Two Moms It Was Their Hearts in That Car It started out as an ordinary Saturday. Two of my sisters were driving to Lowes for some mulch. My sixteen year old nephew recently got his license; and since they weren't going far and couldn't...
I am sharing my experience with starting an Organic Container Garden.   The first two posts are here and here.  So I was looking for larger containers to transplant my seedlings to, when they were ready.   Unfortunately, everything I was finding was plastic or Made in China. I did  find a couple ...
The state of Florida allows you a few different options when holding a tenant’s security deposit. You can do one of three things: 1.  Hold the deposit in a Non-Interest Bearing Florida Bank Account- The landlord can hold the tenant’s security deposit in a non-interest bearing bank account in the ...

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