Confessions from the Wichita Real Estate Lady

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Musings, tips and tricks from an Associate Broker that specializes in short sales, hardship situations and incredible buyers and sellers in Sedgwick County Kansas.
"The floors aren't "bad", they are just dirty!"  "How did it not work for your buyers?.....well, that's just stupid!" "It's not overpriced, it's $5000 less than the they paid for it 2 years ago!" "I don't appreciate your negative feedback!" Yes, these are actual statements that I have been told w...
My husband and I have been blessed with a beautiful little girl, Gillian, who recently turned 4.  As with all small children, we spend our days forever reminding her of her manners.  Gillian; "Can I have a drink of water?" Mom; "Can I have  a drink of water... what?" Gillian; "Can I have a drink...
A Wild Man In Wichita When I first saw the keeper of the plains, it was broad daylight and I was driving 40 MPH.  I was less than impressed.  It was a giant tin sculpture that was kinda cool, but not a show stopper.        BOY WAS I WRONG! We visited The Keeper of the Plains after dinner one even...
HARDSHIP LETTERS; ARE TEAR STAINS REALLY NECESSARY? Thirteen years ago when I did my first short sale in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan; the seller and I sat down together and wrote a 6 page, handwritten novella about the grief and tragedy she had faced in the prior 12 months.  She cried, I cried ...
The Horses are Coming to Wichita! Grab the kids, the plaid blankets and your love for horses and head on down to the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita Feb 11th thru the 13th! It doesn't matter if you live in Wichita, Park City or in the rural areas of Sedgwick or Butler Counties; take a break from the h...
"Seller Anxious", "Must Sell", "Seller will consider All Offers".... When we see these, more importantly, when the public sees these statements; what is the first thing we all think?....  "The sellers are desperate! They will take less!"  Usually, comments like these cause buyers to offer much le...
Homeownership provides a huge sense of PRIDE to the people who achieve it.  Most people define themselves by where they live and what they live in.  It is the American Dream!  It says to the world, "I did it!" It is a public display of success.  12 years ago, I did my first short sale.  Back then...

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