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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
It is not totally uncommon to be walking around the exterior of a home in the winter time and feel heat coming out of the crawl space vents.Sometimes ductwork becomes disconnected and the crawl space ends up being unintentionally “heated.”It can be a tremendous waste of energy, but will make the ...
My buddy Steven Smith told me to go and sign up on ActiveRain back when ActiveRain first started.I signed up, but did not start blogging for about a year.By the time I started blogging he had a 100,000 point lead on me and it stayed that way for many years.I pretty much figured I would never go b...
It is very common in homes find receptacles with signs of overheating. Most common are receptacles in bathrooms and rooms where space heaters or hair dryers have been used.Sometimes the signs of overheating at the exterior (like in the preceding picture) is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of...
I am almost late to the party, but there will indeed be a Seattle Meetup at the usual place.9am, Monday, February 1st, at the 14 Carrot Café, at 2305 Westlake Ave E, Seattle, WA I am sure the rest of the country will be jealous, but none other than ActiveRain’s very own, very special, Kerrie LaGu...
Let’s pretend you have absolutely fallen in love with this special, one of a kind, just perfect, sink faucet---it happens, love can be hard to predict or control and shows up when you least expect it.The problem is, your new love, does not have a good pop-up stopper, in fact it has no built-in st...
Attics can be very challenging to home inspectors.There are all kinds of dangers from things like wild animals (although gophers are likely rare) to falling through ceilings. However, nobody except home inspectors even get close to “wanting” to go in attics, so they are often a source of great in...
As a home inspector I see examples how looks are not everything at almost every inspection.  Take this wall at a stairwell for example.In all likelihood, when the home was built, there was some other type of guard or wall to protect against falls into the stairwell.For whatever reason, someone wa...
Thermal imaging can improve an inspector’s eyesight by quite a lot. What the human eye can see is a relatively narrow portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Another small portion of that spectrum is the infrared spectrum which is what a thermal camera can see. So in a very real sense we can gr...

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