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If Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measured uncertainty and indecision in the housing market, the government would be reporting record numbers right now. And while all homebuyers and sellers are affected by this uncertainty, its most debilitating effects are likely with “move-up buyers “who have the...
    American Dream Pie A long, long time ago,I can still rememberHow the money used to make a pile. And I knew if I had my chance,That I could whoop those bankers' pantsAnd beat their rates and service by a mile. But Ben Bernanke made me shiverAnd Dodd and Frank were co-conspiratorsLobbyists on t...
Pity the poor millionaire who needs a mortgage in the current lending climate.  You won't find politicians creating special programs to alleviate their sufferings.  Of course, they don't feel the pain in the same way as the common man, but, in many ways, the financial crisis has wreaked more harm...
Do you shy away from showing your clients properties with deferred maintenance issues due to concerns over financing complications? These properties may be short sales, bank owned, or just generally run down due to the owner's lack of ability or desire to make needed repairs.  Of course, all thin...
The new health care legislation includes a 3.8% Medicare tax that may apply to certain real estate transactions in certain very specific circumstances. Unfortunately, this has been misreported all over the internet in some alarming ways. For example: "The new health care legislation imposes a 3.8...
  What goes around comes around, sometimes sooner than you think.  I was just reminded of this with a buyer / borrower who instructed his inspector to find every minor flaw in the property and to be at his rhetorical best when drafting the inspection report.  Makes for good drama in the negotiati...
One of my luxury property Realtor friends just forwarded an article from our local newspaper about luxury buyers "rushing to beat jumbo mortgage deadline".  The gist of the article was to sound the alarm about the September 2011 expiration of the temporary increase in Fannie and Freddie loan limi...
Washington State Housing Financing Commission has one of the most widely beneficial and little known programs for first time home-buyers.  The main benefit of this program is an annual Federal Income Tax credit equal to 20% of the mortgage interest costs. This can reduce the effective mortgage in...
By the time you read this post, we will officially be in the new age of loan originator compensation regulation.  The purpose of the rule (in the Fed's own words in its August 2010 press release), is   "to protect mortgage borrowers from unfair, abusive, or deceptive lending practices that can ar...
Yesterday I received a call from the well-meaning, necessarily evil and devilishly efficient compliance Nazis at company headquarters.  (Said company's name will not be mentioned in this post as inducing apoplexy in anyone remotely connected with your paycheck is generally not considered a good i...

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