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On the points summary page it lists bonus points and other points. I have no bonus points and 50 other points. How did I get these? How can I keep getting them? Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise! EDIT: (I just learned something interesting, which I'm glad about because I didn't post th...
I was reading a real estate principals textbook today from a college course I’m taking to finish my degree. It mentioned that some of the best lessons we learn professionally are those we learn from our mistakes, or from the “school of hard knocks”. When I first started doing Virtual Escrow for o...
Do you all realize what a fantastic resource Active Rain is? I was pondering the concepts of supply and demand this morning (I know, real exciting way to start my day) and how the concepts relate to the real estate industry right now. Of course, there’s the pretty basic interpretation that when t...
I remember not so long ago when we first signed up for Active Rain, and I thought to myself, "how am I ever going to earn as many points as some of the featured members?!?" But here I am, less than a month later, and I've reached 10,000 points! Celebrate good times, come on! Duh duh duh duh duh.....
Today we had a little pow-wow with the main pillars of January Financial (Carey, Cyara, and Marty). The discussion revolved around the psychological effects that this market can have on us as market professionals. I (Cyara) have noticed a pretty steep decline in motivation in times like these. I...
You wouldn't know it by looking at my picture, but I'm African-American. Okay, I said that just to get your attention. In reality, before I was born, my parents decided to move to Africa as missionaries, particularly to Zambia. Three years later, when they found out that I was on my way, they wer...
I'm having significant trouble placing a deal and was wondering if there are any Rainers out there who can help us find a lender who will do this loan. The scenario is that we have a self-employed borrower/investor who owns ten properties including her personal residence. She purchased two of the...
One of my absolute favorite places to go in Foothill Ranch (besides shopping and restaurants!) is Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. Located at the northern side of town, the park has two official entrances and boasts as many trail variations as hikers and mountain bikers can ask for. It's a beautifu...
I've realized something interesting through the past couple weeks of being a blogger and reading other people's blogs. What made it even more interesting is how it coincides with my personal life. I am ever struggling to get people to comment on this blog. Call it a need for attention, validation...
I'm tired of telling you what I think. It's time for you to tell me what you think! A couple weeks ago I started a weekly, Friday post called "Get to Know Me Fridays" to make sure I add a personal touch to my posting. I liked the idea of a posting schedule so much that I have now decided that Tue...

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