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Don't get me wrong, I have my opinions about politics. Generally I just like to keep them to myself. I'll make an exception when it comes to Big Government. I don't like it. Not one bit. Get your hand out of my wallet, Uncle Sam. So when I heard the news that the US government plans on creating a...
1. When you’re content, tell someone about it: a cat’s purr is an audible reminder that whatever it’s up to at that moment, it’s happy. Vocalizing your contentment makes it that much more real and enjoyable. 2. Eat when you’re hungry: “grazing” throughout the day has been shown to keep the human ...
It was unavoidable in the news yesterday: the insurance firm AIG was in trouble, and a lot of it! Lehman Brothers Bank was too, but there was more to-do about AIG. Here's the non-financial analyst (ie, Dummy) version of what's going on: Last night, the Federal Reserve pulled that old trick that's...
We've been hearing a lot lately about the smokin' deals on foreclosures and REO properties that are available. Newscasters rave about cheap homes over which buyers are fighting tooth and nail. In Orange County, however, these "incredible" deals can still seem out of reach to many buyers. Although...
Many of us, myself included, dream about the day that we will become truly independently wealthy. I personally picture a house in the mountains, lake nearby, and lazy days spent drinking tea and reading on the back porch. The unfortunate truth is, I’m not very close to living that dream. I don’t ...
I am glad I reminded you all last week how to breathe, because the news this morning is sure to have a few of us at risk of hyperventilation. After all the tumultuous news last week, Lehman Brothers Bank finally filed for bankruptcy. LBB's demise is not unexpected: we knew since last week that th...
We began this life with an inhale. We will finish it with an exhale. All the stuff between we assume is life.                                      - Steve Ilg In many languages, the same word is used to denote "breath" and "spirit". In English, we have the word "inspire", which is based on the L...
Lehman Brothers shares dropped 45% on Tuesday, leading the stock market on the whole to decline by almost 3.5%. I was expecting a lot more drama and to-do about Lehman Brother's tribulations, and was surprised at the comparatively small amount of press that it got, at least compared to the Fannie...
I was driving along the other day listening to a book review on NPR. The book sounded fascinating, and I decided to add it to my "books to read" list. Then I stopped and sighed, because the list was long, and buying books (especially new releases) is expensive. "Someone needs to come up with a sy...
Word is out that of every 100 homes on the market in Orange County, 42 are in foreclosure or short sale. That's the bad news. The good news is, OC's real estate supply vs. demand ratio has improved by 68%. To put it in real number terms, if you had put your house on the market last year, your rea...

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