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I read an interesting article this morning in the Economist titled "Unhappy America". In fact, it was the cover story. Eight out of ten Americans think our country is headed in the wrong direction. George Bush has approval ratings lower than Nixon at his worst. House prices are falling, gas price...
This week, I'm giving Carey a mini-vacation! I suppose it hardly qualifies as a vacation, actually. All I'm doing is giving him a break from writing his usual "Get to Know Me Friday" post and writing one about someone else - me. I'm Cyara, and Carey introduced me last Friday as his youngest sist...
It seems like everybody and their mother is talking about loan modifications these days, and for good reason! With foreclosures in the US at a 20-year high, a lot of people are getting stuck with mortgages they can't pay and are looking for a way out. Most lenders are seriously vamping up their l...
For those of you who like to have a proverbial leg up on the competition by understanding what's going on in the market, this one's for you. If you don't care about financial news and turn off the radio when the market reports come on, stop reading. I've been hearing news announcers mention the T...
Some people are too smart for their own good. My brother, Carey, is one of those people. After hearing on the news that Wachovia is yet another firm that has decided to discontinue its wholesale lending operations, I wanted to understand the significance of the news to the market. To quote that w...
I was sitting at my desk (currently located in our dining room due to constraints brought on by the mortgage crisis), banging my head against the wall (not literally) for inspiration on today's Active Rain post, when in walked Turkish, my cat. Turkish is a neighborhood-renowned troublemaker who h...
As African missionaries, Hank and Cathy Pott (my parents) were hardly the type to do anything normally. That attitude was never more true than when they chose which names to give their children. For today's Get To Know Me post, you get to learn about my family's names and histories, as well as a...
Breaking news: Countrywide may have been involved in deceptive mortgage lending practices. I'm not a fan of cynicism, but are we really surprised to hear that a major lender may have had a couple people working for them with less than sterling morals?? reported the story yesterday, sayin...
  I consider it my personal mission to wade through the muck and mire of all the bad news out there in order to bring you something positive. I've got something for you today! Remember Indy Mac Bank (as if you could forget)? The spectacular fall of that institution has led many (including me) to ...
I've been using canvas bags to go grocery shopping for the last few years now, even doing my best to reuse the thin produce bags the next time I go in. After scrolling through the information on this link, I am even more happy that I do it. Please click on the link to learn about the harsh reali...

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