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As some of our more regular readers have come to know, we try to take a positive approach to life here at January Financial. Of course, we do our best not to be overly chirpy and irritating about it, but all the same, we try. It's much harder to be positive when your lender tells you that your do...
Since I won't be here tomorrow to blog (as I hope the rest of you also won't be) but will be lounging on one of Southern California's sunny beaches, I want to leave you with one of my favorite versions of the Star Spangled Banner. You'll have to actually click on this link to play - it will start...
I love Foothill Ranch, I do. It really is a lovely little community. It's well-groomed and green in spite of the hot weather. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Foothill Ranch is almost a place where "the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all of the children are above average." I do ...
I ran across a post by another AR member yesterday having to do with patriotism and commercialism (thanks, Donna Harris!). I commented to Donna that every year, our HOA in Foothill Ranch comes around and plants flags in our gardens, which I don't really mind. I was just glad they didn't use the f...
Right now, Carey is up in Fort McMurray, Canada, visiting his fiancee, Kristie (remember her?). While he's gone, I (Cyara) am in charge of keeping connected with all of our Active Rain associates. I thought that the first thing I would do is to write a ThemThem post for Carey, my boss, and other ...
Some people celebrate their birthdays with a party. Some celebrate for a full day or longer. Some celebrate with a vacation. When I turned 30, I did all three! I decided that on this landmark birthday X years ago, I would make the whole year a celebration. I spent the year traveling, visiting wi...
I'm not an overly dedicated "glass half full" type of person. But in times like these, I find that it's better for all involved to have some cheer and optimism, no matter how forced. So, here's some "good" news for you! According to my trusted expert Barry Habib and the Mortgage Market Guide, the...
I'm not one to complain about receiving $600 in the mail. But when it comes down to the check I got from the government for the economic stimulus package, I would have rather not gotten it at all. Would you like to know why? most people didn't even spend it, it just went to savings or paying down...
Are you a real estate broker? Mortgage officer? Home buyer? Appraiser? If so, you know that a title report on a property is important, but you probably never read it because most of it is gobbledeegook to all but title and escrow officers and lawyers. One key aspect of a title report is how a pro...
One of the benefits of growing up as an MK (missionary's kid) is that we moved around a lot when I was growing up. The most rural place we ever lived was a pretty little settlement called 108 Mile Ranch. "The 108", as it's called in local nomenclature, is located a couple hundred miles north of t...

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