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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.
I'm running into more and more Buyers concerned about buying at the top of the market and a potential market correction. It may be a little controversial... but here's what I gotta say 'bout that: In the absence of payment-option ARMS, even a 50% drop in values will pretty much have no impact on...
It's not really anything super fancy....  It's just a regular old FHA, VA or Conventional Mortgageexcept for one thing:You know that pesky requirement that lenders have about having actually STARTED a job before they can count the income.... or some require at least one paycheck.... and some requ...
Once upon a time, just a couple of months ago, rates were going up.... but we could call around and figure that we were all in the same boat. AND THEN, all of the sudden, I'm higher than some online lenders. :(  What the heck!!???  We're typically pretty darn close, give or take a little.  But th...
There's a TON of work that can be done in advance that is usually saved to the last minute. Most Realtors ask a buyer to contact a lender and at least have a conversation before they find a home, and many ask them to get initial documentation to their lender as well. But why not do EVERYTHING POS...
Nobody should be running around saying that buyers are liars. Buyers just don't always know what they really want, and THAT is one big piece of our job security. But sometimes, when it comes to financing, customers may flat out lie to you or withhold information that they are afraid will keep th...
Wow!  Is it busy out there or what!  It's hard to get an offer accepted any more.... and with underwriting, appraisals and everything else backed up, there's more and more opportunities for things to wrong.  And with everyone now asking for 45+ day contracts- that leaves more TIME for things to g...
"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"  Sometimes I feel like I should be swearing in my borrowers.  Even more so recently.  Here's why:1) I bring part of this on myself.  I LOVE finding a way to get a loan done when a borrower has been denied somewhere else...
I wrote this for myself this morning.... as a mom... not as a professional.  But the principles apply to business and all of life.  Being a blessing means bringing value, leaving something better than you found it, being responsible.... all the things that add up to SUCCESS.  So even though this ...
"When the homicide prevention detective suggested that I consider leaving the state, changing my name and changing my social security number, I sank. As a single mother of five, leaving my home town was not an option. After the end of a 15 year marriage, I found myself in an abusive relationship ...
This morning I had a Realtor ask me what the heck she can do to get all these buyers that are in NO HURRY to get off the fence and buy a house already! :)Well, the #1 thing you can do is find them a house they HAVE TO HAVE.  But other than that.... is there any real way to motivate them?  Well, I...

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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.