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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.
Yesterday, the president of our company gave me a book called The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  I'm a reader, but I had never even heard of this quick and easy read packed fulll of wisdom. I love to give, to share what I've learned in life, to encourage people and do whatever I can t...
I know I'm not the only one in the business that is expected to know all kinds of bizarre stuff.  It's the nature of real estate.  The learning is endless, and that's one reason I love it.  Someone was asking me the other day where to find the HUD labels, and when they could not locate anything i...
What can you do when you've finally got a contract on a home you love and then inspection issues come up that can't be resolved.  You don't have the money to fix.... all of the seller's money is tied up in the house.... Do you just walk away when you can't get a roof cert?  The windows need repla...
I know it's crazy hard to find a resource for mortgages on manufactured homes.  Modular is pretty easy since they are usually treated as a stick built homes.  But the modulars.... the ones that used to be vehicles (or trailers as they were called when I was growing up and there was no such thing ...
Did you know that CHFA Advantage removed the first time homebuyer requirement? CHFA Advantage is a wonderful program allowing just 3% down on a conventional mortgage with NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE! The monthly mortgage insurance payment on $180,000 loan with FHA would be over $200 per month! CHFA Adv...
IMPORTANT DEADLINES March 18As of April 1, loans submitted to FHA will have an increase in the annual mortgage insurance premium from 1.25% to 1.35%.  This is not a significant change.  It will make a difference of about $16 a month on a $200,000 loan and an average difference of around $3,000 in...
No Money Down?   El Paso County's TurnKey Mortgage Program may be your key to a new home.   In an effort to stimulate our local economy, El Paso County is offering GRANT money equal to 4% of the loan amount for approved buyers. This program can be used with VA or FHA loans for a TRUE $0 down home...
Over the last several years, I have watched agents move into home offices.  We have the technology for an agent to run a highly professional home office, have tons of resources online, including a plethora of on-line training.  And as good as it sounds, as much as everyone is saying this is the m...
Hello everyone!  I set up reminders for myself in a Yahoo group for my daily, weekly and monthly activities.  Anyone else who is interested in getting e-mail reminders is welcome to join.  It just sends me an e-mail at a preset-time each day saying, "Make 5 phone calls" or "Send out 4 personal no...
When it comes to real estate companies, you can find everything from a low-service company just taking $300 per transaction and a low monthly fee to companies taking monthly fees and still charging 50% -60% of what you earn.  A lot of the companies charging higher splits offer great training, but...

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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.