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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.
As I am talking to younger real estate agents, I'm wondering specific challenges they may face.  I started selling residential when I was 25, but already had a 5 year background in real estate that really helped.  Did anyone (who's been dong it for a whlie now) start when they were younger- with ...
I know we've all seen agents using pictures that were at LEAST 50 years old... but I'm wondering if you're willing to 'fess up about how old your picture is.  Mine's 7 years old; not too bad really.  I still look pretty much the same anyway.  How about you?  Who's got the oldest picture posted he...
Many new agents end up changing companies sometime in their first year.  If you find yourself at a broker that is not a good fit for you, spend time making sure that the next place you move will be a place you can stay- and make the move as early in your career as possible.  After you have establ...
Once you start marketing to your database you will find that a big percentage of your referrals come from a small percentage of your database.  Instead of just making your database bigger and bigger, replace people who aren't sending you business with people who will.  It's better to have 50 stro...
You don't need to be pushy, but don't ever let anyone think you've forgotten about them.  Send personal notes, birthday and anniversary cards.  Take them golfing or out to lunch.  If you see someone you know featured in a newspaper article clip it out and mail it to them with a note of congratula...
If you're going to start by cleaning out your database (getting rid of those people hwo won't send you business), that might leave you with... a small database.  You're going to need to replace those people you got rid of with some higher quality contacts.  As you meet new people at the Chamber o...
So you've gotten disciplined, and you're mailing out monthly mailers, making phone calls, sending cards, and asking for referrals.  You'll be wasting your time if half of those people don't plan to send you any business.  Maybe they just aren't convinced that you know what you're doing yet.  Mayb...
A lot of agents get their first listing and they spend hours rehearsing their "listing presentation" talking about how big their company is, what their fancy website does, showing pictures of their family, and going through endless details that the sellers really don't give a hoot about.  Then af...
I was listening to Joe Neigo a couple of weeks ago, and he had a balance scale in front of him.  As an illustration, he would place a penny in on side of the scale to represent every time he did an activity that would help build his business.  What was really powerful was when he started placing ...
Talking to strangers is hard.  But when it comes down to it, I think it's easier than talking to people you know.  It doesn't hurt much when you're rejected by a stranger, but it feels devastating when you feel rejected by a friend.  Agents use the excuse that they don't want their career to get ...

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Information on real estate, mortgages, home loans, refinancing in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and Pikes Peak area. Tips and ideas for Realtors.