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Once in a while there will be a couple of ideas that just astonish me with their creativity.  These two ideas below really got my brain going. The 72 Hour Open House Simple idea. "The 72 Hour Open House is like other Vancouver Real Estate Open Houses, except that it doesn't stop for 72 hours afte...
A lot of real estate companies and agents may have been thinking about doing some Facebook advertising but are not sure if it will work for them.  Well here is your chance to get $100 worth of ads for free. If you do a quick search on Facebook advertising you may have noticed that there are vario...
Google has been increasingly shifting towards a universal search where not only are traditional web page results shown but so are other content types such as videos, images, news articles and more. You will notice now on numerous searches that there will sometimes be a thumbnail present indicatin...
For anyone using the platform. How to put a Youtube video on your website. Here are a few things to note: 1 - You can not remove the embed Youtube code 2 - You can not edit the embed Youtube code 3 - Be very careful on the sizing of the video since once it is in place it...
Below are some great vidoes I have found that explain various different websites and internet terms that have helped me a long the way. These are all, "In Plain English" videos. I use Youtube alot to find guides for learning.  A lot easier watching someone do it then read about it. More of these ...
I find that tracking stats for my websites (analytics) to be addictive. It’s almost like a video game for me. The stats show a complete analysis of who, when, and how visitors find the site. In fact I was spending so much time reviewing stats that I had to set up a schedule where I only review st...
I recently sat in on a meeting the other day between one of my real estate clients and a local ad representative for a national news organization. Since their national website divides news in the different provinces, they were looking for local advertising to go a long with the content. My client...
Having a great website that people will keep coming back to requires fresh content. Having a website that search engines keep coming back to requires fresh content. So guess need fresh content! Read the rest at my Real Estate and SEO blog, Top Search Result.
I received an email today from a real estate broker informing me of a free internet marketing webinar. It is put on by Inman News which has done some great real estate content to date. I have no affiliation with the company but thought it might be of interest ot some of you. I will be checking it...
I was sent this link from a real estate broker Interesting video on the world and stats on population and technology. It takes a few minutes but has a very powerful message. Could not find this exact one on  Youtub...


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