Real Estate in Greenfield and Franklin County Western Massachusetts

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Real Estate in Greenfield Massachusetts & Franklin County. Homes for Sale in Greenfield Massachusetts. Relocating to Greenfield Massachusetts, you will want to see homes for sale in all of Franklin County. You will find Affordable homes for sale throughout Greenfield and all of Franklin County and the Pioneer Valley.
This time of year, homeowners focus more on outside projects. If you are considering putting a fence around or in a section of your yard and are looking to put it on or near your property line, there are a few things you should consider. First, be sure you know your property line(s). The only way...
That is the question. Over the years, I have heard varying opinions from home inspectors regarding whether the home should have gutters. The two primary functions they talk about are to prevent water penetration into the basement and keep water from the entrances and walkways.Some say it is an es...
A Home Inspection is a common practice in the home buying process. The purpose of the inspection is to allow the prospective buyer the opportunity to learn about the house they hope to own from a professional knowledgeable in all aspects of the home's construction and systems, preferably a licens...
In an ultra-competitive Real Estate market such as one we are experiencing; prospective buyers are looking for ways to be the one the seller chooses when competing with multiple offers.Buyers are looking to get a leg up on their competition trying to be the winning bid. One way to achieve this is...
In this ultra-competitive Real Estate market, buyers are often competing with multiple offers, and some have lost out numerous times. If you want to purchase a home, a few things could help you.First, be sure you have representation. Having a buyers' agent representing you is highly recommended. ...
You may wonder what trees have to do with buying and selling a home, but they are an essential part of real estate and should be considered when purchasing a home. In the winter months, especially, they tend to be given less thought, mainly because all but the evergreens are without leaves and it...
Selling a home in the winter can be beneficial. There are benefits of putting our house on the market in the winter and some tips to help you reach your goal of selling your home in the next few months.Some believe selling your home is best in Spring and summer. Some will hold off putting their h...
Another way to let more light into your home is by installing solar tubes. They work well in places like hallways and bathrooms, spaces without windows. They are like a skylight in that they originate on the roof, letting light in from above. Though in most cases, they are smaller than a skylight...
Short days and cabin fever can bring on winter blues. Don't despair. There are ways to brighten up your home to get more light in. By doing this, it can help get you through the winter blues. Here are a few suggestions…. Taking screens off the windows will bring 30% more light into your home. It ...
Winter can bring challenges to homeowners in colder climates like ours here in New England, especially when the temperatures get down into single digits and go below zero. There are a few easy precautions that can help prevent catastrophes. Outside faucets should have a shut off valve in the base...

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