Happy Good Friday everyone! I am sitting in my office answering phones. There are at least a couple dozen showings that have been made today!  Hard to believe on a holiday weekend.  I love it! We have been in a down market long enough to truly enjoy making appointments for showings! Just thought ...
Hi all you lucky people!  Here we are in this wonderful country.  So much opportunity to improve ourselves.  Here is a GREAT one for you!  Come to Central Florida and learn all about what new technology is available for Realtors and which ones we should run with! It is beautiful here in Clermont!...
Over the last two years the market has been oversupplied with homes for sale.  There are so many houses on the market.  Every time that you list a home you should be spending between $600 and $1200.  The market has slowed tremousdously and here you are with thirty or more active listings.  Soon y...
Did you wear your green today?  I did and proud of it.  My Irish comes from three generations back from my grandmothers mother whose last name was O'Holleran!  I love the Irish traditions, the old stories and of course THE LUCK OF THE IRISH! Oh yes, I also love the color green.  Kelly green, and ...
Today I signed up for yet another web feature.  This one highlights my business across the top of the page and down the side.  In todays market you need to be on the web.  Or should I say all over the web.  When I sat down tonight and figured out how much I am spending a month on web advertising ...
Just a quick remainder that at 2AM you need to Spring Ahead!  Thats right, it is that time again!  Tomorrow morning when you wake up it should be light out!  Ya Hoo!  I love starting the day early, and in the light of day! Bonus!  Make sure you turn all your gadgets forward! 
Did you ever think about all the people that you have met in your career.  Just today I was thinking about the people that I have met in my Real Estate business.  The buyers, sellers, appraisors, loan officers, title people, surveyors, home inspectors, co-workers, the young, the old, the rich, th...
I read a blog today from a Realtor who was trying to figure out what they could do in Real Estate to change up their career.  Something new and different.  Whow, everyday is different when you work in Real Estate.  You could work in residential, in commercial, you could specialize in subdividing ...
We are on the move here in Central Florida!  The phones are beginning to ring again.  The rates are great! The appointments are being made.  Homes are being shown!  Smiles are on some faces.  I believe there are more smiles on their way!  The old saying that "The sun always shines after the rain"...
What a wonderful location to not only work but play in.  I love Central Florida! Today I viewed townhouses and homes with a potential buyer.  He is from New York, getting married in April and looking to relocate to either the Windemere or Clermont area.  My new friend made the comment that he cou...

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