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Education & Training - Ember Seminars and Keller Williams Southeast Region
Love is in the air as family comes together for their annual reunion and this year it is in Dallas Texas! As usual the Keller Williams Family Reunion is over the Valentine’s Day weekend so kiss your family and get to Dallas.You only get around 74 hours to make the most of Family Reunion. With tha...
 For years I have been sharing my Keller Williams Family Reunion Survival Guide for you and now it is time for the Keller Williams Mega Camp Survival Guide!Time is short at Mega Camp with anywhere from only 28 hours to 80 hours of learning, masterminding, networking and maybe some sleeping worked...
Here we go again! Year after year Keller Williams Family Reunion shows up right around Valentines Day and some how it gets sweeter and sweeter year after year! With 70 hours of amazing learning, networking and hands on training ahead, the limited time of the event deserves a plan of attack. Keep ...
Author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn is known for many great sayings such as:Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusi...
After spending a week at Keller Williams Family Reunion this past week there were many AHA's that were being shared. One of them kept being repeated and stood out to me was that you are only 5 years from being whomever you want to be. What great news!Let me share with you what that can look like ...
Once again Keller Williams Family Reunion is almost here and that means it is time to plan how to make the most of the 70 hours of the event. Hopefully you learned your lesson about the tickets and either joined MAPS to get a ticket with your coaching or you were one that bought yours right away!...
Doesn't it feel like just yesterday we were saying it was too hot as the summer beat down on us? Maybe it was a week ago that we were excited to see the flowers blooming as Spring started? It couldn't have been that long ago that we just celebrated the new year and yet here it is again. Before we...
From decorations in the stores to the red cups at Starbucks and everything pumpkin spiced, we know that holiday season is here. The holidays bring so many emotions from joy to happiness to a childlike glee and yes, sadly to stress.What brings the stress the most? The financial commitment that the...
It's my favorite time of the year! There are so many lessons to be harvested during the month of October. Here are 3 of my favorite lessons, 2 from the world of sports and one from your own kids.1)Baseball playoffs are happening! The teams that are still battling it out remind us that you have to...
Isn't it interesting how your reticular activating system can really kick in on certain things. Maybe you are looking at buying a car, and you start to see the type of car you are thinking about purchasing everywhere. Maybe you are about to get married and all of a sudden it seems like everyone a...

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