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Education & Training - Ember Seminars and Keller Williams Southeast Region
Maybe you have heard the saying "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?"What does that saying mean? The official answer, it is referring to the weather and how March usually starts cold and windy and ends with spring all around us as the weather gets warmer.One thing that I hope is ...
It changed! It is different! There is a day missing! Don't worry this annual Survival Guide for Keller Williams Family Reunion will help you still make the most of the 68 hours of the event.  Tickets were hard to come by with the 2016 event selling out before the end of the 2015 event! Lesson to ...
There I was sitting in a room with people with the title of leader. These leaders are getting ready to work with others that also have a title of leader. This made me ask the question, what makes a leader? Is a leader someone who helps others figure out what to do or figures out what to do and le...
I have been blessed to be able to visit the College Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Hockey Hall of Fame and of course in my opinion the hall of all halls...the Baseball Hall of Fame.One thing is very clear when you enter a Hall of Fame, on...
For years now Halloween has been the scariest day of the year in my opinion. What is it that makes it so scary? It isn't the adorable kids dressed as spooky ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. It isn't the calories waiting to get us in the bag of goodies that our children bring hom...
"It takes no more hours in a day to be smart than it does to be stupid!" - Gary Keller This sounds like something my dad would have said to me, and that is just the way that Gary speaks to anyone smart enough to listen! While Gary was hitting us with this powerful statement at Keller William's Me...
Here we go again! Time to update the Keller Williams Mega Camp Survival Guide 2015 style! What has changed since last year that you should note? The KW Events App that is available for Apple has the schedule and more for you! Is it available on Windows phones? Don't know...didn't look. You should...
The great news is this posting has 3 powerful life lessons found within it. The not as great news is that it will take longer than 1 minute to read. The 1 minute in the title refers to the amount of time it took to experience and learn these lessons. There I was working out at Orangetheory Fitnes...
This year the NBA Finals brought me a very powerful AHA that I hope you found as well and it has nothing to do with the basketball.I am not much of a basketball fan although the competitive nature in me has me interested in championship rounds of almost any sport. The NBA season might be too long...
You wake up to start the day and your mind naturally starts putting together a to-do list right away. Get breakfast made Feed the pet Workout Prep lunch Answer emails Check what's happening on Facebook Put gas in the car The morning list then goes on and on and on and on. You haven't even gotten ...

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