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Have you ever found yourself facing a large challenge and not even sure where to start? Have your taxes piled up and it is April 13th? Have you looked up at your annual goal and realized it is already summer and the year is half over? Have you opened your computer to too many emails to even know ...
Do you block out the weekend when you hear that the next season of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones is going to be released?Do you get caught up on season after season of Dexter, The Walking Dead, 24, Breaking Bad or any of the other series available on Netflix?Do you re...
3 months down and only 9 to go! The end of the year always feels far away and then all of a sudden we are looking up and wondering where the time went yet again. Did you set a goal to start this year? If you didn't how do you know if you are on pace? If you did set  your goal did you remember to ...
Anyone can go to a networking event and walk away with a stack of contacts. Anyone can attend a business function and meet new people. Anyone can fill a database with names. How many of you create REALationships though? What do your relationships look like? Are they relationships or REALationship...
In the world of sports there is always the debate of the greatest of all time. In Football it is often Joe Montana vs Tom Brady vs (insert your choice) In Baseball we hear Babe Ruth vs Ted Williams vs (insert your choice) In Hockey the conversation is Wayne Gretzky vs well, nobody as this one isn...
From BNI (Business Network International) to Young Professionals and all the networking groups in between there are best practices for networking. If you are in a professional networking organization then you will have rules, such as 1 person from each profession, each person speaks a certain amo...
The new year is upon us and many people make resolutions. Here's hoping you did not as studies have shown us that most of them have sadly failed already. Instead, during this year just make changes in your habits and your choices. One of the choices many people make at the start of the year is to...
Are you one of the lucky 10,000+ that got a ticket for Keller Williams Family Reunion 2015?   If you are, then read on and get some suggestions on how to make the most of the 94 hours of the event.   If you didn’t get a ticket, read on anyway as there will even be suggestions on how to attend Kel...
As the year comes to an end and next year looms over the horizon, this is a chance for many people to reinvent themselves and improve themselves moving forward. There is always something we wish we could do better and now is the time to figure it out. Pull out a piece of paper and take a moment t...
You may have heard the term A.B.C. at some point. Most people hear A.B.C. and they start to sing the alphabet song. To those in sales A.B.C. means something very different. Salespeople most likely hear the voice of Alec Baldwin as Blake in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross reminding the other salesme...

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