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Education & Training - Ember Seminars and Keller Williams Southeast Region
It is the 4th quarter of the year finally! You work hard all year-long to be ready to pop the champagne and celebrate a successful winning season. The question is have you eliminated yourself before the year even ends or are you ready for the big push? Have you taken the season and given up, and ...
A common question asked is where did you learn everything you know about social media? The answer to that is surprising to many. Everything I know about social media was learned from spending time with great friends like Ernie, Oscar, Bert, Elmo and others. That's right...all we need to know was ...
Can you hear me now? How about now? Now? Is this better? Forget it I will call you later!!! Sound like words you have said before? Everyone has at one point or another and we are here to help you understand some cell phone etiquette. After you master these, share them with others so we can all sh...
One of dad's favorite sayings was that I was making a mountain out of a molehill. While I loved dad, he did have a lot of strange or cliché sayings. I am wondering if there is a book on cliché's for parenting. What is usually meant by this saying is that you are turning a little issue into a big ...
What is this elusive hashtag that so many are hoping to capture, tame and train to bring success? According to, a hashtag is defined as a tag embedded in a message posted on the Twitter microblogging service, consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a hash sign. A h...
The lists have been popping up all over the place. Top influencers in business Top influencers on Twitter Top 5000 influencers All of the influential lists are created with some sort of guidelines. The challenge is that someone who is influential to you might not be influential to me or anyone el...
We have heard from many "gurus" "experts" and even "ninjas" about making sure we develop relationships on social media. Do any of them really help us figure out how to use Social Media correctly or do they just come up with cool sounding titles for themselves? Where else can you post to 1 billion...
My passions are sharing, coaching and speaking on the topics of mindset training and on technology training and over the course of this year I put together a collection of blog posts to help everyone with these two topics. Some of those blogs have been shared social and some of the mindset traini...
Bellingham Real Estate Training is something that we find important to provide to all agents whether they are new to the business or been in real estate for a few years or even decades. The market is always changing, new tools are always becoming available and our goal is to help our area always ...

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