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Some "Green Things" about the President's Economic stimulus Package:  Lower interest rates if home owners to retrofit their homes, 5 Billion for weatherization of residential homes, 3 Billion for retro-fitting buildings in the private sector, 11 Billion for a "Smart Electrical Grid," 6.3 Billion ...
Here's Some Good News!   When I attended the NAR annual meeting in Florida in November of last year (which was to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Realtor organization,) one of the first speakers was an Economist that spoke about the fall and rise of the market (not pretty.) The next speake...
Some Thoughts about Things!    Our property inventory is still way too high. The market values have slipped another 5%.  This is along with a 4% decline in the median price from '07 to '08; all total down from the high by a compound 9%. The total homes in inventory in the MLS are 5750 which is do...
    Happy New Year!!        I bet you got a whole lot of wishes for a much better 2009, I sure did too. Nothing tells the story of last year like the "Book of Lists" 8th addition by the "Northwest Arkansas Business Journal." The top twenty firms saw their volume shrink by 21.19%. The top twenty-f...
  The current MLS stats are now on my web site, good video!   You know, when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see a lot of them on the road.  There has been just as many as before, but now because you have one, you began to notice others. In early November I took the new N...
I was in Hot Springs yesterday. The front page story on the "Sentinel Record" was about a large home under construction. There were no utilities connected to the house but it burned. I think this is another effect of the foreclosure problem. This may yet effect the builders or owners credit ratin...
There is allot on the Internet about Foreclosures and I think I know why. It seems most seller are wwaiting on 1, The election to be over. 2, Prices to stabilize. 3, the market to go back up. Most buyers are 1. Waiting on the election to be over. @, Prices to stabilize. #. Prices to go down furth...
From all indications the real Estate Market is improving in Northwest Arkansas. The Chamber of Commerce had a Job Fair that had 2700 people register and filled prospect lists for 2500 jobs. Reports from Street Smart indicate the 325 jobs are being created per month. The MLS inventory of homes on ...
I heard and saw a good presentation on E-Pro by Saul Kline this morning. This seems like a very worth while designations for Realtors. We had rain again this morning and Beaver Lake is almost up to the damn height. It would be hard for a party barge to get under the Hwy. 12 Bridge. The colors of ...
Although many reporting services are saying home values have falled as much as 16% that is not the case in the Rogers Arkansas and Fayetteville Arkansas markets. The Rogers Arkansas home prices are up slightly and the Fayetteville Arkansas values as indicated by sales are up 4%. 350 jobs are bein...

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