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Just when I thought I could I knew how to read the market, things change. Although Cambridge has been one of those fortunate areas that have seen property prices holding somewhat steady. I had been telling my buyers, that they surely have an advantage in this market. After doing some research on ...
I just saw information on Realtor.com regarding historic low rates for mortages.  Everyone has been saying that now is the time to buy and it is really really true.  With interest rates at their lowest in several years and the inventory being priced now at the most attractive for homes to sell, t...
I think its going to be an exciting week next week.  I would encourage everyone to witness a historic event and remember where you are.  Hopefully it will be the start to pointing the country to more positive than negative.  As a realtor, and a business person we are facing very difficult times w...
I just saw a blog from a realtor in Maryland that put a great list together of top ten things she learned this year.  I feel that it would be a great time to put my own list together of what I learned this year.  Working in the Cambridge market has been challenging and yet homes and condo's have ...
Now that the election has been decided and interest rates are dropping, I feel as though it's time to roll up our sleeves.  As a realtor I believe there is no better time than now to start looking at the great inventory of homes on the market.  So many of my clients are anxious to get on with the...
Recently I've been showing many condo's and single family homes that are vacant.  Its great for me because they are so easy to show.  But I wondered if many of you had tips to maintaining a vacant home in the winter.  I would assume that now is a great time to make sure that all the windows are s...
As a newish agent, I would welcome hearing from more seasoned realtors on how they perceive what's happening in the market.  I don't have lots of time to say the real estate market was like this in the 80's or 90's and things will be fine.  I know that in this current real estate market, many rea...
I had to relate my encounter with dampness in the basement.  I think its funny because I usually don't do house showings with the sellers, much less I have tried to steer clear of short sale properties.  My client was determined to see some short sales because they are really looking for a diamon...
As a real estate agent I have learned so much about the home buying process.  I think I have a greater appreciation for those agents that make the entire home buying process look easy.  When I was a client buying my first home, I just showed up to meet my real estate agent and saw a great variety...
I recently saw on the www.freddiemac.com website advice for first time home buyers to help them make the decision of continuing to rent vs. the advantages of owning your own home.  A few clients that I have met recently are facing these types of questions and trying to consider what's the best de...

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