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Another Christmas has passed and a new year has just begun. It’s during this festive time of year many use their credit cards and overdraft facilities to their full potential.  Christmas is a special time of year and can be an expensive celebration especially if you have children. Although the sm...
  When you apply for a homeowner loan, mortgage or credit card, the lender will check your credit record as part of processing your application. A poor credit score means ‘high risk’ in the mind of the lender and can make it difficult to obtain a loan, lenders who lend  in these circumstances ten...
Your credit rating is a score calculated by the lender based on your credit file, the amount you want to borrow, existing borrowings and the security you can put up. Your credit file is reviewed when applying for a homeowner loan, mortgage, car finance and sometimes when applying for a job. Your ...
In a recent report from The Halifax Building Society, it was found that almost (58%) of homeowners have invested in home improvements in the past 12 months. Most popular home improvement was interior decoration but new kitchens and new bathrooms also proved to be very popular.  Rather than pay ca...

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