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WNC is in the midst of a drought (or was not too long ago).  That means people living outside the public utilities have to rely on a well or spring to provide water to their homes.  A few wells are running dry.  Maybe some of you don't have to worry too much about this due to your location but he...
Wow!  It has been a while.  I didn't think I would be away this long but the arrival of a little one tends to trash all of your plans.  I had a choice and I chose to focus on my little girl.  I'm feeling more comfortable these days and I'm ready to expand my focus to other things not related to d...
It never fails that every Friday I get a call or email from someone who is on their way and wants to see property this weekend.  Well, that is great.  However, most agents will have plans already.  This creates a problem.  So, what to do?I try to coach the customers that I work with to contact me...
There is a multitude of ways to communicate today.  What you communicate is what is most important!I received a call today from a client that I had recently assigned to one of our agents.  She wasn't happy because no one had contacted her regarding her move to the Western North Carolina area.  I ...
Well, looks like I have a way to go to make it to the top.  I hope that this becomes a regular thing for me.  So, I guess I need to write about real estate, hun?  The market here is slightly slow right now but nothing like say...Florida or Colorado or California.  Our market has been strong and s...
Hi, folks!  This is my initial blog on this exceptional website that I've just discovered.   As you can see I am a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina but my job is not to sell homes.  I am an information resource for buyers and sellers of property in our area.  When someone is ready to...


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Asheville, NC real estate information Buncombe County Western North Carolina relocation