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Big Canoe ,Jasper and the North Georgia Mountains are where we , the folks at All Mountain Realty are to help you find that perfect home or land. Looking in Ball Ground or Talking Rock? We blog about all those areas events. Hope you enjoy
  I recently posted about things in a deal that can come back to bite you.    One of the items was the Lead paint disclosure. I got a question from Rick Ferguson about whether this applied to commercial ...
We are electing 2 folks to the POA Board this fall in Big Canoe. I am 100 percent behind Linda Carrig and here is why. 1 I think a female perspective is important and Linda brings that. 2 Linda is for strategic planning. One example is we have a kitchen outside at Sconti. That kitchen cost 50,000...
One of the foundation blocks of our business is referrals. Referrals can come from family, friends, and clients. There is also an important source of referrals that come from other agents. If you network well you can develop important realtionships in our business that can lead to referrals from ...
This past Saturday was our Big Canoe Oktoberfest. People come from all around to have a great time. I worked part time in the Fire Department booth but mainly walked around and saw all my friends and neighbors. The big text are for all the folks eating great German food and maybe having a beer or...
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard through out North Georgia and on line. This weeks show focus is twofold. 1 Linda and I talk about the current situation in greece and the impact ,both positive and negative it is having on our Real Estate Market. The second part of the show is about the No...
I have been following the Greek debt issue for a while. You may say who cares. Well folks who own stock care some as Wall street seems sensitive to the issue. But other than that who cares? Well aside from feeling sorry for the Greek people what's the big deal ? The problem is the ripple effect t...
The Annual concert on the green was held in Big Canoe this past Sunday. We were treated to the Reinhardt Symphony as well as their great choir. In addition a very talented Allison Holmes sang an Aria from Madame Butterfly. She got a standing ovation. This is the venue for the concert! You can see...
The Marble festival was this past weekend in our North Georgia Mountains. The weather could not have been better. Well maybe it could have been a couple of degrees warmer. It was fun for all . Folks who live here and folks who visit had a geat time. There were rides for the young at heart and gre...
Today we work up to the first real day of Fall in the North Georgia Mountains. temperature dropped over night into the high 40's. However today is bright and sunny with a high expected in the 60's. This is the best time to hike and walk through our great mountains. The weather is great and the le...
We are starting to see the return of second home and retirement buyers to the North Georgia mountains. As folks are more able to sell their existing homes, they become able to buy here. We also see younger families leaving the big cities for a more traditional way of life. If you are in Atlanta o...

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