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You know its a slow day in real estate when you are sitting at your desk trying to drum up some business.  You check your e-mail and there is a request for you to do not one but two BPO's.  In your excitement you push the accept button without looking at the request.  You print out the report pap...
Why do I need a market analysis, I know what I want for my house?  I need to clear $20,000 to put down so I need that over what I owe so I can move.  Well the house down the street sold for $150,000 so mine is worth alot more than that.  Does any of this sound familiar? First a market analysis is...
How many times have you driven down your street without even thinking?  How many of you have an elderly neighbor living alone nearby?  How would their relatives know they were ill?  My husband and I have a neighbor who lives alone.  We have worked out a system with her.  When she gets up in the m...
Many people do not realize that the purchase of a home is usually the most expensive purchase a person will make.  You need to invest a little time into finding a person to help you through this processs. First all real estate agents are not Realtors!  Only Realtors have access to the Multiple Li...
You've decided now is the time to buy.  You've collected all the real estate magazines.  You sit down with your pen and circle all the homes you are interested in.  You reach for the phone to start to call about them ---STOP! Did you know that you can call one Realtor and they can give you the in...
Preapproved! Prequalified!  What's the difference???  Which is better??  Why do it??? I'm selling my home. It doesn't apply to me, does it?? These are the questions I often hear.  Let's start with prequalified and preapproval.  Prequalified means that you have talked to a mortgage officer and bas...
Charlotte Rose Realty is dedicated to old fashioned service.  :-) Charlotte Rose is the wife of David for almost 35 years, mother to Nancy and Liz, and grandmother to Dylan, Austin and Zack.  David and Charlotte have lived in the Groveland and Mascotte area all their married life.  I got my real ...
The  housing market in the South Lake County is still in decline.  Statistics are in for the 1st quarter of 2008.  They are as follows: Clermont: 2007*** 234 homes sold with a median price of $275,000                2008*** 183 homes sold with a median price of $229,000 a decline of 17% Minneola:...

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