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Happy New year  to everyone.  I could not get his out sooner  this past week I have had  buyers in the Car   every day       In the back of my head  I figured I could get the  1st SALE  on the  MLS for 09,  in Rocky Point , MX  and surprise  a great new listing too.   I can really feel the energy...
I have been spending  large chunks of  time  preparing  for the  onslaught of  interested buyers.   My  flyer holders  are full,  Colored of course,   I have loaded up the  Bulletin boards  at  JJ's  and  The  Drunken Donut.     Just tapping  my toes  waiting for a sincere buyer.    There have be...
It is wonderful  to see the progress  being made  by our  Professional  Association.   As  the  Government in Mexico  comes closer to  Licensing of  all Real Estate Professionals,   the  AMPI  organization  has been a big supporter of  the ideals we need to attract  future business.AMPI in the MA...
I was reminded  of the cultural difference  on my commute to the Cholla Bay office  here in Rocky Point Mexico,   The  Plaza  was filled  with  children   flowers  and decorations.    The  celebration  is a yearly  tradition,  and part of the Ancient  Ritual  of  All Souls Day.       I am not an ...
This is a great post  from Thomas Lloyd   who like me is  living and working in Mexico.   Happy  reading.  you can readh me  at  602-635-3736  in my Mexico Cholla  Bay  office.I received an increase of emails and calls from people recently who are thinking of moving down to Mexico with a common q...
Over the Line  in Oct. 08  on Sandy Beach.     50  teams of various  skill levels  were here to participate in a Charitable  fundraiser.  This  fun competition  has been in existence  for over 10 years here,  and the  conversation at the registration table was that  in reality  there have been to...
Doug Jones  has worked with me in  Rocky Point.   He has  a tremendous work ethic,  a great ability to  move through a difficult  transaction to the close,   we recommend him to all of our buyers.   Enjoy his input  and I always have time for your  referrals. Charlotte.  Mortgages In Mexico celeb...
Our office  does a tour of homes  each and every week,    The  area known as Las Conchas  in Rocky Point Mexico  has been an area  of good growth  and great values  for a seaside community.  With  downward pressure on sellers,   this area  retains its values  for  vacation home, and retirement ho...
Since  1982  my husband  and I have operated a small business.  Originally  a Plumbing Contractor  we matured  into  General contractor and  I really  liked spec houses    thats how I got into Real Estate  decided  I could not afford  all the Great Deals  I could dig up,  and have found it  very ...
Afternoon,   In  AZ  we do not go onto  daylight savings time   Thank Goodness,   When the sun is still shining,  you can  hang a sign,  tour a  listing,    just keep on working.   No excuse  for  throwing in the towel  for the day  due to darkness.    But   I am thinking  that the Siesta  should...

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