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Why Baltimore? Home buying and selling tips and advice for the Baltimore area Real Estate market. Things to see and do in the Baltimore area.



Even after the bailout was agreed upon the stock market continues to be on a roller coaster ride with the Dow closing down again this week.  The upheavle in the financial market continues and home buyer's and seller's alike seem to be paralyzed by fear.  Do we try to sell our house?  Do we try to...
When requesting to your lender to accept a short sale on your home, there are 3 categories of items that you will likely need to get put together. Financial information, hardship information and property information. Lets start with what you will need on the financial list Financial Information T...
Fall is the perfect time to plant a tree-during the dormant season after the leaves begin to drop. The cooler weather allows trees to establish roots before winter arrives and before the ground freezes.  Trees help keep our planet green and healthy and provide for food and shelter for other livin...
What a great website.  I thought I knew where all the Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonald's and Pizza Huts were!!  But, even I can't know everything.  What a great tool!! June Piper-Brandon, Advance Realty Anne ArundelHow many times have you said or heard that?  Have last minute docs that need to ...
Baltimore, Maryland real estate news - real estate is local!!  Even though I'm reposting Crossville, Tennessee the blog is still relevant.  Real estate is local.  For a free consultation / sit down with a cup of coffee at my office - feel free to contact me. June Piper-Brandon, Advance Realty 41...
Even after the bailout was agreed upon the stock market continues to be on a roller coaster ride.  This week we've seen more of the same upheavle in the financial market that home buyer's and seller's alike seem to be paralyzed by fear.  Do we try to sell our house?  Do we try to hold on?  Do we ...
Baltimore is a great city to live in or near.  There are lots of things to do, lots of places to go and lots of things to see.  However, in the current economic times things usually cost money, and everyone is tightening their economic belts and trying to conserve what they already have or only s...
I got a call from a lady in Atlanta, Ga this morning asking about housing in the Baltimore area.  She was looking for a two bedroom house and was concerned about the climate and the job rate and the number of available service type jobs.  I see help wanted signs everywhere when I'm out.  The clas...
All across the United States of America today, October 14, 2008, is the deadline to register to vote.  For more information about how to register to vote, especially if you are not a resident of Maryland.  This is a great website that has many answers to your questions.  If you have not registere...
I thought I had seen it all until this morning.  I was driving to the office, which is about 38 miles each way for me.  I'm driving on I-97 waiting for the car in the right lane to move out of my way so I can change lanes and merge onto the exit ramp to go to the office.  Every time I slowed up t...

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