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You've Got Options when working with me. Representing buyers and sellers in Jefferson and Shelby County Alabama including but not limited to: Birmingham, Hoover, Fairfield, Homewood, Alabaster, Pelham, Vestavia, Midfield
I am sick of BOA and all of the rest of the banks playing with people's livelihood.  This is ridiculous and even more so when homeowners do the right thing and follow all of the rules. BOA SENT ME A DECLINE LETTER TODAY AS MY HUSBAND WAS BEING ADMITTED INTO HOSPICE I made all the trial loan modif...
Hey we all want to know about how to rack up those points don't we?  There's no pretending that the points aren't fun to watch as they climb the mil high points ladders. So when there is opportunity to get more points, we like to spread the word right? Do you want to earn a quick 500 points? Ther...
The Banana's at it again with her Get Ready for the Summer Season Contest.  Every season has it's marketing challenges and this is just one way to make marketing more fun than it already is. Get Ready for the Summer Season Contest!   Summer is just around the corner and it's time to spruce up you...
Stuck in Draft Mode: Fiduciary is NOT a License to Lie for Your Client Admittedly, I've had topics (titles) to sit in draft mode for a year or more.  Sometimes, it's just because I've forgotten about it or sometimes it's because I think it's a really, really good topic and I want to write about i...
Hey how do I get all of that fancy stuff to show up at the bottom of all of my blog post?  Wonder no more, Instructor Craig Daniels to the rescue in his usual classroom fashion. Don't you just love the way he teaches.  It's do elementary, even I can do it. How is your social media presence? Likel...
I think this is a great idea that Paula blogged about:  Applying the principles of the AR 30 Day Challenge to other areas of our lives.  I have really been trying to think of a way to committ to exercising and I have tossed about the idea of a month straight.  Heck today I even went to the gym to...
No one ever intends for the seller to buy their home back, but it happens and the sellers sometimes doesn't even know what hit them until the morning after.  The fact is, that the morning after (the offer) is sometimes the right time to respond.  Too often emotions get in the way of making good d...
Last Week's Favorite Newbie First Post HAPPY EASTER ACTIVE RAIN AR IS AS MUCH ABOUT MOVING FORWARD AS IT IS ABOUT REACHING BACK. So as you think back, try to remember how you wished that someone had reached out to you or at least spotted your post and made a comment on that post (and kept coming ...
Consequences of Decisions When Buying and Selling a Home It's always a shame when negotiations don't result in a sale.  After all, you have a seller that wants to sell a home and by all appearances, a buyer interested in buying said home.  One would think that those offers would or could always r...
Who's A Rainmaker Now Baby?  Kelly Bogan That's Who. You might remember that I featured Kelly Bogan in my Last Week's Favorite Newbie First Post.  She was the one that wrote the post titled:  On Being Brave and Taking Chances.   Well since that time, Kelly has become a Rainmaker so I want to cong...

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