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You've Got Options when working with me. Representing buyers and sellers in Jefferson and Shelby County Alabama including but not limited to: Birmingham, Hoover, Fairfield, Homewood, Alabaster, Pelham, Vestavia, Midfield
 Contingent Sales Market Report for Fairfield, AL A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled "Who Wants to Live in Fairfield, AL" and I provided a chart with the number of homes sales in Fairfield for the 6 month period ending July 31, 2018.  Well, that wasn't the end of the story of who wants t...
At These Prices, Anyone Can Buy a HomeOne thing is for sure about Fairfield, Alabama:  It's still a very affordable place to live.  Currently there are 27 homes on the market in Fairfield.  If you're an investor, there is something for you for as little as $7,000.  As a former real estate investo...
Market Report for Fairfield, AL Despite what some might think Fairfield, AL is still a desirable place to live.  Some might also assume that home values are decreasing, while in fact, there are some values that are proving to dispute that assumption and yet even with higher than expected prices; ...
This post is an entry to Debbie Reynolds The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Challenge.Start With The GoodAlthough I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be, my days usually begin with Our Daily Bread around 4:45 am, followed by scripture reading and meditation.  That time of the morning is the quietest...
How About That Mohawk?I just happened to log on to ActiveRain today for the first time in months and the first thing I saw was Dick Greenberg's 2017 Photography Contest post.Upon reading the post, this picture just popped into my head and I knew this was going to be the photo that I entered.The B...
 I have faced some recent challenges with regard to title issues.  Admittedly, this is new territory for me.  In the past, clearing up title concerns have been of the routine variety, you know, no liens by municipalities, water/sewer, affidavit of name verification.  But when you are dealing with...
How Colors Speak to MeJust recently, my 8-year-old grandson and I have been dabbling in abstract art.  Make no mistake, I'm not an artist and I'm not trying to be one, but I've always been fascinated by abstract art.  In many ways my mind works like abstract art.  I mean when you see all these co...
Congrats to My Buyers Terrell & Natalie MayeI could not be more thrilled than I am right now.  The Maye's are 2nd time around homeowners but this time around, they have a larger family and nothing less than a four bedroom would do.  I don't mean 3 bedrooms and you could use this closet as a 4th b...
Speaking of reblogging..... Reblogs (Resharing a Post) Can Get Lots of Views Too. First you have to understand what a reblog is. It is republishing or sharing a post through the ActiveRain network that someone else wrote. They will get attribution and a byline for their post. You can write an int...
There is nothing that I can add to this post. Chad says it all. After spending a week at Keller Williams Family Reunion this past week there were many AHA's that were being shared. One of them kept being repeated and stood out to me was that you are only 5 years from being whomever you want to be...

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