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You've Got Options when working with me. Representing buyers and sellers in Jefferson and Shelby County Alabama including but not limited to: Birmingham, Hoover, Fairfield, Homewood, Alabaster, Pelham, Vestavia, Midfield
 I have faced some recent challenges with regard to title issues.  Admittedly, this is new territory for me.  In the past, clearing up title concerns have been of the routine variety, you know, no liens by municipalities, water/sewer, affidavit of name verification.  But when you are dealing with...
How Colors Speak to MeJust recently, my 8-year-old grandson and I have been dabbling in abstract art.  Make no mistake, I'm not an artist and I'm not trying to be one, but I've always been fascinated by abstract art.  In many ways my mind works like abstract art.  I mean when you see all these co...
Congrats to My Buyers Terrell & Natalie MayeI could not be more thrilled than I am right now.  The Maye's are 2nd time around homeowners but this time around, they have a larger family and nothing less than a four bedroom would do.  I don't mean 3 bedrooms and you could use this closet as a 4th b...
Speaking of reblogging..... Reblogs (Resharing a Post) Can Get Lots of Views Too. First you have to understand what a reblog is. It is republishing or sharing a post through the ActiveRain network that someone else wrote. They will get attribution and a byline for their post. You can write an int...
There is nothing that I can add to this post. Chad says it all. After spending a week at Keller Williams Family Reunion this past week there were many AHA's that were being shared. One of them kept being repeated and stood out to me was that you are only 5 years from being whomever you want to be...
I found this to be very helpful. Featured listings can be much more than a one-off blog post. With the right SEO, you can build an online identity.   What have you googled today? Every second there are over 40,000 search queries on Google, or 3.5 billion a day. A relative portion of these searche...
Your Advice Really Made My Presentation A couple of weeks ago, in preparation for a presentation on blogging, I reached out to you all in a post titled "Help:  I Need Your Best Advice About Blogging" and as expected, my AR comrades came to the rescue.  I don't mind saying that nearly all of my pr...
Who Wants to Live in Fairfield, Alabama?People are always curious about the home sales in Fairfield, Alabama so I thought I'd have a little show and tell. As of January 31, 2017, it looks like a total of 8 people (that we know of) desire to live in Fairfield, Alabama just based on the contingent,...
Income tax time is home buying time.  What better way to make use of your income tax refund than to make an investment? Your Tax Refund Can Help You Become a Will County Home Buyer   Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it had started accepting 2016 Income Tax Returns for proce...
Yes We Are Students and TeachersIn Alabama, to become a licensee, we are required to prepare by taking a pre-license course and then after passing the course and the licensing exam, we are issued a temporary license. Before we can obtain our permanent license, we have to take and pass a post-lice...

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