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Continuing her groundbreaking philosophy of Agent CEO, Claudia takes training to the next level. See you at the top!
After 35 years in real estate, 3O of which was spent training real estate professionals, I get to retire. Just think, I have lived every woman’s fantasy: I have been paid to talk for the past 30 years!  Now it is time to do some other things, like kayaking, sailing, painting and spending more tim...
I grew up on the north side of Chicago in a large Irish enclave.  Books have been written about that culture - and, they are all true!  St. Pat's Day was a major cause for celebration. It was a fun day: lots of music, dancing,  parades and parties. The city of Chicago even dyes the Chicago River ...
Many of you know about the new Agent Reviews available from Zillow. Agent Reviews allows you to ask your past clients to post a recommendation on Zillow. There is a lot of BUZZ around this feature. When someone goes to Zillow they can see many, many satisfied customers raving about what a great j...
Ever hear that? Or, ever think that yourself? Most often I hear that refrain when someone doesn't want to prospect or take the time to utilize some of the social networking sites that are actually generating business for many agents. In this market we should be prospecting 2-3 hours per day. Howe...
How many top ten lists have you read since the first of the year? •·         Top 10 Ways to keep your resolutions •·         Top 10 ways to lose weight in 2011 •·         Top 10 tech tools to use in 2011 •·         Top 10 ideas on how to be successful in real estate in 2011 When it comes to techn...
What happened? Did you generate business? How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about the real estate business? Success breeds success. Keep up the good work. You have a fan - that would be me. I get to talk about it. You get to do it.  My very best wishes for your continued success! Cl...
Week # 13          ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas... Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza, this is a special time to be with family and friends.  Take the time to enjoy it! If you will be gone, make sure you have someone handling your business. Get the financial arrangement in wri...
Week  #  12.          Drop-by This is a perfect time of year drop by and let them know you are thinking of them. You can bring cookies, candy homemade jam, your annual calendar (they look forward to it!) or a poinsettia. Take a moment to visit. Let them know you care. Ask them for their email or ...
Week # 11.    Convert Your Geographic Farm to an E-Farm There are several ways to convert your geographic farm to an E-farm. Over the holidays is a great time to "drop by" and obtain emails. You can bring cookies, a little candy, homemade jam, calendars or even just a print copy of your newslette...
Week # 10.        Now is the Time to Get Out and Meet People at Holiday Events Just say yes... Attend your church or synagogue, community events, theater, ballet and concerts. Go to parties! This can be a really fun time of year. It is also a wonderful time to meet new people and see old friends....

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Continuing her groundbreaking philosophy of Agent CEO, Claudia takes training to the next level. See you at the top! View Claudia Wicks's profile on LinkedIn
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