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Continuing her groundbreaking philosophy of Agent CEO, Claudia takes training to the next level. See you at the top!
The next question we need to address is, "What new skill have I learned today?" In order to accomplish this great habit of lifelong learning, think about the skills you need to learn to be successful in this market; then make a list of what you need to know. Sample list: •        How to negotiate...
Let's start with the question I posted as number 1 in my last blog.  Although we all agree that we should start with attitude, I'll save that - the best -  for last. What am I doing today to generate prospects? Sitting at your desk waiting for the phone to ring isn't the way to generate prospects...
What 4 things should you be asking yourself every day in this market? 1.    What am I doing today to generate prospects? 2.    What new skill have I learned today? 3.    What am I doing today to build my business? 4.    How is my attitude today?!? What do YOU ask yourself every day in this challe...
As promised, here is the list of questions for the upcoming panel.  What question or questions would you like to add? Dan Mc Comb - BIZNIK- Social Media Guru What made you and your wife Lara, decide to build Biznik? Why not just online? Why Business networking vs social networking? Why live even...
Here is your opportunity!  Based on some great feedback, Seattle King County Association of Realtors and Real Estate Base Camp are sponsoring a Panel of Industry Experts.   The panelists are: Dan Mc Comb- Co-Founder of named Seattle's top 25 most innovative entrepreneurs by the Seattl...
Here are some of the ideas I liked the best from the CyberSpace Convention that I mentioned in a previous blog.  There will be another Convention next month.  It is free!  Check it out: Matthew Ferrara: The Next Generation His premise is that the next generation of real...
The REBARCAMP event at Zillow was packed with information and people generously willing to share their expertise.  There was a great panel of blogging experts: Brad Coy, from San Francisco, Rhonda Porter, The MortgagePorter and Marlow Harris, CBBain.  They shared when, where, how often, and where...
Brian Brady, the, had some pithy comments at the BloodHoundBlog event at Zillow on Feb. 12th, 2009: # 1 job of real estate professionals is bringing in and securing customers.  (We forget. We are so focused on the people part of the business.  Without prospects, we have no b...
Greg Swann, Broker of Blood Hound Realty gave a cheeky, irreverent and thoroughly dazzling presentation at Zillow on Feb. 12th.  Greg and Brian Brady present Blood Hound Blog Unchained annually.  This is an event where agents and brokers go to learn internet marketing tips, tricks, tools and tech...
The team at Altos Research, Scott Sambucci, VP of Sales and Analytics and Jason Buberel, Co-Founder, VP of Engineering, presented a session at RE Bar Camp. They suggested that agents prepare an "elevator speech" to be able to answer the question that EVERYONE asks agents- especially in today's ma...


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Continuing her groundbreaking philosophy of Agent CEO, Claudia takes training to the next level. See you at the top! View Claudia Wicks's profile on LinkedIn
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