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Quiestion? Does anyone know about the new FHA three percent cap and its guidelines? The reason for the question is because most times with pre paids and closing cost three percent will take care of it. Here is when the issue will come into play. What about the one year home warranty and termite? ...
It feel really good to be back. I've missed you all. Recently I took on a part time job to help out with expenses at home. What I didn't think about at the time if I sent the same time and energy selling housing I could still make money. Wow what a sudden realization!!!! When the market was hot y...
Hi Everyone,  It's been a while and I have missed you all. The market REALLY changed her in MS. So of course there were only a few options in my opinion.   1. Quit 2. Worker twice as hard and make half the money 3. Get a part time job.     Well I did 2 and 3. Thanks for all of your support!!!!!
I received a call today from a seller on a short sale that I had done last year. The pay off was 99500 and we closed for 80000 minus commission. They sent her a 1099 in the mail for the difference. I told her that she needed to at the time of listing property speak to a CPA concerning the amount ...
Got a listing that is a big home just needs a little work. The problem is the seller is a home builder with inventor he is trying to sell and will not list property with an agent. So here is where the problem comes into play. He sits around the house waiting on agents to show the house. Then he h...
This is something everyone needs to read. Tonight I was watching the news and a strange number came across my screen. It was help now modification. The gentlemen on the phone had received my number from a fellow Realtor. He gave me his pitch about how he could lower my interest rate to 5.125 for ...
In this market I learn early on how to do a successful short. Around the middle of last year I got really burned out on the whole process. What I am coming to understand is this is my niche. The one thing that I do in our market that separates me from the other Realtor. I just need some helpful h...
I've been working a short sale with ountrywide since Feb. 2008. I finally received an approval... That sounds great get it closed. No wrong!!! These smart people didn't put my commission on the approval... Okay, So I have contacted them numerous times to get this corrected. Now it has to go throu...
For the past 2 weeks I have been working on a foreclosure. This home was in move in condition. Just needed a good cleaning. Ok, today my buyer calls. She drove past home and the front door was wide open??? So I advised her to close door and lock it. When she looked in home the lights fixtures wer...
Sometimes you just have to vent... No one in my home or office will understand this. I have a short sale on a property that is on the market for 80000. The first offer was sent to the bank on Feb 23,2008. Since that time I have made numerous phone calls, been on hold for over an hour at a time, b...


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