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In the blink of an eye, the change of a diaper and the heartbeat of healing recession, Trulia takes over the world. Doubtful that I am remembered by the current movers, shakers and blogger extraordinaires; but there was a time when I enjoyed the raindrops quite frequently.    I blinked. It is pos...
  It is similar to the famous Running of The Bulls without the horns, it separates the weak from the strong, the social from the awkward and men from boys. Nomads from near and far hear the call and make their way towards the water, the sun, the sand and the beer tent. It is an awakening of sorts...
As thin as the fading line may be between self-restraint and self-discipline there is still a line. Discipline is one of my oldest and dearest friends, always arriving in times of doubtful disdain making difficult decisions less of an evil acquaintance. Discipline, although not my most gregarious...
Standing at the entrance of the seemingly endless black hole that was the hallway to my parent’s bedroom during a strong Southern storm, explaining to my father the unfortunate misplacement of my little sister while playing Cowgirls and Indians in the woods, confessing to my third grade math teac...
I have invested in real estate, the stock market and even in gold a time or two. Recently I have chosen to invest in myself and open a boutique. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, our communities and our country. I am excited to expand my reach. The below is an article I wrote abou...
Beaufort South Carolina has beautiful homes to fit every lifestyle. We have roaming ranches, coastal cottages and stately Charleston style homes that offer something special for all.   For those searching for low maintenance living we have waterfront condos, beach front condos and townhomes locat...
Sellers all over the country cringe at the thought of cranberry sauce interruptions. Family in town, food on the table, luggage and coats spread all over the house only to get the short notice showing call. It is an unwanted aspect of holiday stress. Just because you are settled in for the week, ...
It has been one of those days. I have two choices: 1. Tell everyone what I really think (and subsequently be shot, incarcerated and/or committed) 2. Make a joke out of the whole thing (and subsequently feel some sort of relief, justification and/or free group therapy).   I don't look good in oran...
Why I cancelled my Trulia account with a smile. The web is inundated with real estate search engines that thrive on selling products to both the perspective clients as well as Realtors. It can be somewhat overwhelming for Realtors to choose which is best and which is fluff. After almost 5 years o...
So maybe we are just a bit spoiled here in Beaufort SC as far as weather is concerned nonetheless we do have a few changes:     So long sunny sandbar swimsuits, welcome home snuggly sweatshirts.   See you next year summer dresses; come on over long sleeve shirts.   Bye for now precious Pina-colad...

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