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It is important to offer clients thorough, factual and up to date real estate information. We utilize Facebook to keep connected to our clients, showcase our listings and communicate in real time. In order to maintain relevance in today’s mobile driven industry, we have made certain that our webs...
I have never been much of a couch potato, a movie buff or basically anything that requires a level of stillness my capabilities lack. Getting my hair done is even a test in futulity, as I am fairly certain my stylist would rather have pre-sweetened preschoolers in her chair. Occasionally I am for...
Do not tell me about the labor; just show me the baby. As one of my grandpa’s typically strange yet incredibly poignant statements, it actually applies to my everyday real estate life. Day after day I hear agents going in to nauseating detail about everything single thing they had to do in order ...
I Facebook my face off. I twittered for about twenty minutes and I believe I have Yelped a time or two. I’m as active in the rain as an active schedule allows and now I need to Google +? Seriously? Anymore virtual visits added to my to do list and I do believe I may virtually explode. There is no...
As cooler temperatures come without beckon and barely without warning, I find myself praising seat warmers and cursing cold feet. My genetics require a consistent 75 degrees in order to function in a socially acceptable manner. Driving to the office with my rumpus roasting to a crisp, I do what s...
Hope and excitement of making your new home yours is one of the best feelings. Colors, schemes and personal style flood the mind like a raging sea once the keys are transferred. With so many rooms the possibilities are endless and so are the dangers!   How easy it is to consider each room an isla...
Picturesque streetscapes, Spanish moss draped live oaks, stately historic homes are just a few of the many reason people flock to beautiful Beaufort by the Sea. The downtown area is surrounded by unique boutiques, award winning restaurants and many shoppers perusing the local wares.   615 Prince ...
   Recently an agent asked me how I help my clients with less than stellar credit. I have been teaching homebuyer seminars, finance classes and assisted hundreds of young families in reaching their financial goals. My ideas aren’t original, they aren’t brain surgery; they are effective. Basic mon...
  Rarely do I delve into the deep end of politics, the righteous rip tide of religion or even discussions of personal preference in regards to matters of supreme subjection. Being of simple mind, many of the grayest areas are tucked in the corner of right and wrong. I find comfort in keeping my p...
Coffee needs it, air conditioners require it to be cleaned and maintained, and even our cars have parts that depend heavily on a filter. The human body, in most instances, comes complete with a filter for the infamous instrument of communication. It can’t be seen, touched and never appears in por...

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