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Are you a double agent? Not as in the infamous dual agent, rather the agent that does double the work in almost every transaction? If not, I am certain you can name several double agents in your area. With lightning speed they answer their phone, the office phone and even your phone when needed. ...
We have all seen the Angie’s List commercials, we have grown accustomed to researching consumer reviews on everything from tennis shoes to televisions; and certainly we are all familiar with the infamous traveler’s companion called Trip Advisor. It is common place to peruse the rants, raves and r...
It always mystified me that the cows would risk such agonizing pain just to stretch their necks through the barbed wire for the mere taste sometimes smell of a single green patch of grass all the while standing on the greenest grass in Mississippi.  Maybe it was because I didn’t fancy Play Statio...
What is the point of having a horn, if you don't toot it every now and then! Recently I have taken on coaching as part of my day to day real estate tasks. It began by teaching classes to beginning Realtors then somewhat spread to those more experienced as well. As a former teacher, it seemed to b...
There are times to put the phone away, close the computer and let the world of real estate spin alone. It isn’t often I unplug from a career that requires incessant attention; however, tomorrow will be one of those times.   October 1 is my one year wedding anniversary. I am so thankful to have a ...
Today I am teaching a class at Beaufort County Board of Realtors on the importance of preparing a home and the seller for listing. My team has been using the same strategy for years now, and it has proven to be most effective. We are consistently one of the top selling teams in our county. It isn...
Similar to the sudden sense of what now, after all the presents are opened on Christmas morn; slightly akin to an hurried evacuation for a pending storm only to see the sun shine down. Many Realtors are exceedingly rushed to acquire a new listing, the holy grail of commission only to realize mayb...
I took my own advice. I decluttered, I depersonalized (well mostly) and I cleaned myself into a frenzy. Recently I introduced you to my absolutely worst client ever, and she is me. For years I have been the Queen of the conversion, lord of the living room make over and the Dr. Phil of spouting or...
    Most of my days are spent behind the scenes, behind the walls, the blue prints, the ever so high mountain of paperwork. I am most comfortable in the background, it is my happy place.   On occasion I am catapulted from my happy place into the overly opinionated world of the public. With no di...
TradeWinds Plantation of Ladys Island is preparing for their Grand Opening on September 19, 2012. As the Beaufort SC market continues a healthy improvement, we look forward to welcoming new home owners to this tremendously convenient location! Homes starting at $179,000 with all the style and qua...

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