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Believe it or not! Trying to define what company culture represents to your broker associates and clientele is very hard to do, especially when those within your brokerage have different thoughts and varying ideals and beliefs that they want to express in their respective approaches to the real ...
Click here for The 2013 Annual Report & Forecast – Green Shoots: Benjamin Day has outdone his own brilliant efforts of 2012, as he has compiled the complexities of our market statistics and compressed them into a lan...
Welcome to 2013! Despite all the trials we endured last year, as I know many of you did as well, the recovery and growth of the market continues to move forward, day by day, even as we have eclipsed the January calendar of 2013. Many segments of our local market mimic some pricing numbers seen b...
“…And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1Kings 19:12b NIV Dear Beloved Family, Friends, and Clients: This year has been a year of epic trials and incredible victories for so many of you. Of tears and laughter. Of loss and renewed hope. Thank you for the many who inquired about how we were d...
Not everything has the sweet taste of honey when it comes to expecting the Colorado Springs Real Estate market to continue an upward trend in sales, average sales prices and median sales prices on a non-stop basis. Sometimes adding salt to the honey actually makes things turn out better in the l...
When I saw this numerical date on my glass calendar, I knew I had to say something in regards to the number 12. It’s not often that I comment about anything to do with numbers, especially since I’ve always gravitated toward other subjects, such as literature, drama and the arts. In fact, I just ...
Practically speaking, the numbers do speak for themselves. Supply and Demand economics is visibly in play for the Colorado Springs Real Estate market. With listing inventory down, both in pricing as well as inventory levels, then pricing on residential homes is likely to go up, as evidenced in t...
It is well documented that the number of people who live in the United States are becoming part of the chronic pain population.  In fact, the most recent chronic pain statistics reveal 116 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, and equally, our healthcare reimbursement system p...
Click on to this Amazon link to purchase either your digital ebook or your paperback version. “Gordon's perspective is different; it’s removing the blinders on a broken individual. This is about surrendering to a hope that never gives up.  And he knows what brokenness is and as a result, Gordon ...
The real issue about politics today is that our nation is experiencing a true identity-crisis politically.  It seems to me that neither party really has a good handle about who they are nor what they really stand for, except that the Democratic Party has figured out what our large population cul...

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