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 Week 1 The Professional Content Blueprint Content marketing is the use of content to market your services to your potential buyers and sellers. In content marketing, the questions are almost always the same when a new real estate professional comes to SIMC. What do I write about? What do my pote...
When navigating through the complex world of Internet marketing, it is important to never lose sight of the ultimate goal: to create more paying clients for your business. Remember, you do get paid for visitors to your website. Overall viewership is a good indicator of how well your SEO and Inter...
Once you have developed a sound, comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, your next major focus should be to start developing lots of quality, targeted content. Real estate marketing requires more diligence and resolve than standard marketing. It is important that your content – even the conten...
The realm of social media advertising is still very much in its formative years. One of the first major instances occurred merely 10 years ago in May 2005 when Facebook officially launched their advertising program. Though Facebook had previously offered advertising options, the official launch o...
Marketing has never been an industry in which you can succeed with being set in your ways. It is like trying to climb a mountain that is always growing taller. If you do not continuously update your marketing practices, your competition surely will. Always adapting and learning is the only way to...
Google has recently announced a new update to their search algorithm which will strongly favor mobile-friendly compatibility. To be released on April 21, 2015, this update has been described by Google itself as “significant” and is widely anticipated to be just that. With the mobile revolution in...
As many of you already know, I have been in marketing for quite some time now and what has never ceased to amaze me the most is the psychology behind marketing. For example, the subject line of this email talks about your enemy and I’m pretty sure that you believe that your number one enemy in yo...
I remember several years ago when a realtor approached me about a brand new social media. She called me and said she had heard about it from a fellow real estate agent. She was wondering if we should incorporate this ‘new social media’ into her current marketing.   I looked up the website, spent ...
My WordPress Hit-List: How I Am Tearing WordPress Apart!  (And How You Can Help) For many years now (more than I’d like to admit) I’ve been providing online marketing services to real estate agents and the real estate industry. As a marketing professional, my primary focus is to provide solutions...
The Google Penquin updates started in April 2012. These updates are aimed at decreasing the rankings of sites that use black-hat techniques to increase rankings. In addition to good content, navigation, and a solid backlink strategy, it is now very important to have a proper mix of generic, brand...

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