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Google Panda Updates & One Simple Trick   It has always been important to make sure that you have quality backlinks with proper anchor text, but now the Google Panda updates (started in February 2011) have taken it even further. Google updates have FOREVER changed SEO. In Fact according to Matt C...
  In video 1 we went over the URL, title and description and then we put our targeted keywords in the page metadata. Now we need to work on on-page optimization. On the page itself we have a few things that we can optimize, but the key thing we are concerned with for this video is the content. N...
Ok so you have a real Estate website but you have no idea what to do with it. You want to reach a wider audience... But you don’t want to reach the whole world. You need to target your audience by appearing on the first page of results for your specific specialties in your area. You hear people ...
You are sitting there on yet another Thursday evening reading a tutorial on how to build your Twitter followers. Or maybe this time it is an article about how to get your YouTube videos to post on your blog. It could be a Facebook page or a LinkedIn post... And you are thinking to yourself, “Why ...
Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a method for making certain that your content gets as close to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) as possible. No matter what your website is about, whether you're in real estate marketing or you're trying to get wider c...
I don't usually post rants, but this is such a common scam that I just had to post a recent email I received this morning from one of my long time clients. I have left out the name of the client and the name of 'the guy' that approached her to sell her a blog because it isn't the point to attack ...
As part of Strategic Internet Marketing, there are four ‘Golden Rules’ that I have to follow to get clients the best results possible. Each search engine, each social network and each website has its own algorithms (or ways of indexing content) which change all the time, however we need to concen...
What do anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware have to do with SEO. Well, I include this important section in every website analysis and proposal I prepare for three very important reasons:  1. As we are working together we will be sharing files back and forth via email, file downloads and pos...
  Well, after less than a day, I am officially addicted to Google+. But, being the social networking addict that I am, I needed a way to share my Google+ posts on Facebook and twitter. Here is a quick way to add your Google+ posts to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Create a circle and...
I came across this post shared by Jason Crouch on Google+. This family is living a nightmare. Please re-blog his post, share, pass this on and help in any way that you can. Even as a mother of three, I could not even imagine the horrible pain that this family is experiencing. My prayers are with ...

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