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    Are You Confused About How To Setup Your WordPress Blog? Are You Irritated By Thieves Hacking Into Your Blog? Do You Get Frustrated Trying To Locate The Best Plugin Out Of The 1000’s & 1000’s Available? Are You Tired of The Look & Feel Of Your Blog But Don’t Know How To Add New Themes Let Alo...
  Today I went to invite all friends to a client’s Facebook page as a page suggestion and found out that the functionality doesn’t work anymore. Bummer….  It seems that Facebook has made yet another change to quash a functionality that was once useful to those of us that just do not have the time...
  You have your foundation. You have spent some time building a conversation with potential clients through your blog. But, now the questions are… How do you get people (and robots) to READ your blog? How do you get people (and robots) to VISIT your website? How do people (and robots) know about ...
  So what happens beyond a website on the internet? You have a solid foundation and now you need to get the word out so that potential clients can find your website. You need to place business signs and advertisements outside of your ‘foundation’ for people to be exposed to your marketing message...
The foundation of all your marketing is your website. After all, your website is the cornerstone of everything that you do on the internet. It needs to attract and maintain attention. (This is part 2 of 4 - See Previous Post: Sign of No Business.) Let’s use this as an example: I could spend all ...
Back in the small town where I grew up there was a small corner store that you probably would not have looked at twice. It was set-back from the road and barely even resembled a business of any kind. You would not even have given it a second glance if it had not been for a very large yellow sign...
I have been hearing a lot lately about 'Certified Social Media Experts'. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on and this is my rant about this phenomenon and how the NAR® has contributed to the mess. The fact of the matter is that there is no Social Media, Social Networking or SEO certific...
  On a bright Saturday afternoon in front of your favorite mall, grab a clipboard. Ask 10 people what they are going to buy at the mall and then place ‘bets’ on what they actually buy. My ‘bet’ is that not even three of them will buy what they told you they were going to buy. Why is this? When a...
How much money are you giving away to 'experts' who know nothing more than how to 'market' YOU into handing over your hard earned money? They are charging you $$$, so they must know what they are talking about, right? WRONG! If a website cost you $5,000 it just MUST be good for your business, ri...
This is a recent post by Warren Robins GA Real Estate Agent, John Cobb. One of my long-time clients that asked me to help him with a video for promotional purposes. he has some great advice here for fellow real estate agents!What is the most important Internet Advertising Tool? An Online Agent Vi...

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