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This post was requested by AR member Melissa Zavala. In her comment on my blog post Facebook: Profiles, Fan Pages, and Groups… Oh My! She asks “…Can you write a blog post about how to embed youtube video into a fan page? I know how to insert it into an fb personal page, but cannot figure out how ...
Maybe you are new to Facebook and maybe you are not, but maybe you still wonder whether you should add a Fan page, start a group or even bother with any of it at all. I mean what’s the difference anyway? Right? Actually… Quite a bit.   Let’s start with personal profiles First and foremost; if you...
Back in February I sent an email alert out to all the members of my Facebook fan pages about a scam that was proliferating across Facebook. The scam was a sneaky one. It was a message that came through in your notifications (not in your email) that stated, "Attention, your Facebook account could ...
Looking to create a custom Fan page on Facebook? Well I have two videos for you! The first one is shameless advertising for my custom Facebook Fan page service, but please watch it as I had a lot of fun making it and would love your feedback on the video.       The second video is a short video t...
One of the questions that has come up a lot lately is ‘How do I add my ActiveRain blog to my Facebook fanpage?' So I what I did is record a quick video so that you can follow along and have your blog up and running on your Facebook page in less than ten minutes. The video is 8 minutes long. Enjoy...
    We have a love hate relationship with a firm in Michigan. Maybe you have one of these kind of relationships with another REALTOR or broker in your home town? They love to hate us because we have taken away some of their former employees and some of their photographers to use our services.  I ...
  Ok, so you know that you need a blog to better promote yourself and your services on the internet. But, there are so many questions. It seems so daunting. How do you go about setting one up? What blogging platform do you use? What is the best way to go about creating a blog? What if I set it up...
    "Well you know man, everyone is smoking marijuana. And you can't put everyone in jail, you know?" That kind of mentality can also used with brokers and agents who now "syndicate" their listings, online too.   So many of us are doing it, we tend to point at the whole industry when we get into ...
  Think press releases are a thing of the past? Press releases, when done correctly, are a powerful SEO tool that helps drive more traffic to your website and increase relevancy for your website. By submitting your press release to press release distribution services you increase the number of ba...
Looking to dominate Google Search engine results for your real estate business?I am about to share with you 5 of my darkest secrets. (Ok they are not 'really' dark secrets but it sounds better than 'tips') But, before we go any further I must remind you that Search Engine Marketing and funneling ...

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