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For most people the two most expensive purchases they will make is a house and a car. Both are very intimidating purchases. Try to think back to when you bought your most recent car. You probably looked on the internet for awhile trying to familiarize yourself with the products available to you....
I have lived in Knoxville my entire life. I very vaguely remember going to the World's Fair in 1982. I was 3. Since then I mainly have memories of the World's Fair Park for the 4th of July. There was a shallow cement pond that always seemed to have ducks and someone with a remote control boat. As...
Today I received a question from one of my clients. It is a question that I get pretty often. i am posting this here in the hopes that my answer will help not only my client but other potential home buyers as well.  The question from my buyer was basically, why should I buy now? With the market b...
I have been interested in getting Top Producer's Market Snapshot for some time. I recently saw a demonstraton of it and decided the time was right for my business to go ahead and get it. Then to my dismay I realized that my local MLS and Top Producer were in some sort of contract negotiations dea...
I subscribe to the blog from It provides some good financial perspective that isn't over my head Tired of all the doom and gloom over the economy? How about some good news for a change? In our followup to our infographic on Black Friday, the biggest retail shopping day of the year, we t...
I recently received a question about why a home might have a lot of traffic at first and then taper off to considerably less visitors. This chart could give you an idea of how this might look. It might take a week before there is much activity at all. This is usually because it takes a few days t...
This time of year I always start to get the same question. Should I sell my house now or just wait until the spring when everyone else sells their houses? This seems like an obvious answer until you see a few key points.  1. It is too cold, no one wants to look at houses in the snow? In Knoxville...
I messed up today. There, I admitted it, I made a mistake. This morning at a business meeting, I was approached by one of my new referral partners. He told me that he needed some information on finding some properties. It was the conversation I hear all the time. Seems like everyone is always loo...
  I was at a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends and was talking to one of the dads. As happens so often when two iPhone users meet, we talked about our phones and all the cool apps we have. He made the comment that he would easily pay $1000 for his iPhone. At first that seemed like a...

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