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Okay, so yes, it has been a long time yet again since I tried to do some writing in my blog. I would like to say I have so many legitiamate excuses, maybe some actually are, but I don't. I'm lazy. I admit it. I enjoy the Wii too much. I enjoy movies, music, food, too much. And there in lies the p...
Well, what next?  The economy is shot, our markets are falling apart, we are in a recession, in a depression, about to see the end of the world, every state in America is falling apart, the world economy is blown.... Are you sick of seeing these headlines? I am! The world is not falling apart. Am...
I must apologize for my absence folks, but I do have a valid reason why I have not put words on the screen... Well, now that I think about it, probably not too good of a reason, but I digress... My wife and I have recently purchased a new home. Yeah! So, during this normal process I have found my...
I have just finished some great classes with one of our trainers, and I can not believe how much information and technology is truly out there. I also can't believe how so many agents become so afraid of change that they end up not utilizing the great tools out there. I think we should all take s...
I think that he just did. This weekend a couple of new records were set at the box office by this little movie called The Dark Knight.  Was it all that the media cracked it up to be? Yes, and then some. Being some what of a purist, I had my doubts. How could you replace Jack as the best Joker eve...
Just a quick note about all the growth in Texas, and Tyler in particular.  WE ARE GROWING!!!!!!!  According to the news reports all over the other night, Tyler has grown a whopping 15% since last year.  Is that nuts are what?  No.  I guess many people have finally figured out that we have a great...
Well, it has been several days since my last post, and I will admit that the withdrawals have been horrrrribbbbbleeee.  However, I have legitimate reason why I have not been spilling the knowledge from forth my mind.  It is called a closing.  Yes, almost all of us have had one of those things bef...
So, there I was feeling sick waiting for a close that I hoped would close. I say hope, because two days before the closing date I was still sending needed documents.  Oh, I warned them. I warned them all. No way we can close that quickly. When do you get your check? Well, the closing is set at 4:...
I just got an interesting phone call. I have a client who is building homes here in Tyler.  The phone call tonight was from a mutual friend who wanted to start building homes too.  Tonight talked to my client and my client is going to help tonight. (with me so far? leaving out the names for obvio...
Yes, it's true. I can not deny it. I too like to blog. Okay, that was weak. I lovvveee to blog. Oh, and learn too. Isn't that what this place is all about? If you stop learning, if you stop trying new technology, if you fight the ever changing world, how can you expect to be successful?  So, what...

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