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Yes I said it. I hate fireworks. I haven't always hated them. Loved them when my kids were little and they enjoyed them. Now all of them are teenagers and not interested. That's not the main reason i hate fireworks. Not even an important one. The main reason I hate them is cause of my dog. I have...
IS GOOGLE SPYING ON US? So a couple month's ago it hit the news about how the government has been using technology to "collect data" on it's citizens. I remember reading about how the MOBILE phone companies and GOOGLE had participated in this. Well let me clarify..the government sort of twisted t...
STANSBURY PARK REAL ESTATE   I'd like to take a brief moment and thank all the service people today. We appreciate all you do, all you've done and all you'll continue to do for many years to come. We are a lucky country to have all the intelligence and willpower to accomplish great things. I'm ve...
I'm definately going to have to set aside some time to take these classes. Having just started blogging myself i know I could use a lot of help!   The May edition of Blogging Boot Camp will be kicking off on Thursday May 16th at 9am Pacific TimeThe next edition of Blogging Boot Camp will be kicki...
So last last night I loaded two of my rental properties onto a local website. So by 8 am this morning my phone was on fire, my voice mail was full and I was thinking WOW this Friday is going to blow last Friday out of the water. UNREAL!! I was completely wrong. Today made last Friday seem like it...
Lou, This is so very true. If you have a very harsh and or uninviting personality it definately will effect your business relationships. Always try to be friendly and inviting whenever working with people. Motivational Power Quote   Customer’s Will Buy From Someone They Like    “Personality can o...
Before this weekend started I was hoping to work a bunch and get caught up on my business. A series of unfortunate events and two clients cancelling viewings has left me with 3 solid days of rememberance and family time. I'm not complaing at all. As a single father and only having my girls every ...
As the market gets younger and younger people will text more. If you're client is a "texter" match it. If they are "phone call" person match it. Do what your client likes and needs. You have to be able to change with the times. Also I agree that all contract communitcation should be in e-mail for...
I loved the Dodge Ram commercial during the superbowl. I seen this and just thought I would share. Sometimes clients think we have it so easy. Too often prospects or even real estate clients QUESTION the big bucks (or mediocre bucks) real estate agents make going out on limbs for them all the tim...
Today was military appreciation day. As I sat down with a couple of newly found clients (about to list their house) we chatted for a while about his 20+ year service in the Army. I thanked him with a very firm handshake. After that we got on the subject of my health over the past 5-6 weeks. I had...

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