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Differentiate? One of the best ways to attract more clients is to quit marketing the same way your competitors do. Because when every Realtor markets essentially the same, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish one from another. And studies show that consumers will make decisions one of two...
Focus on cultivating long-term clients and form immunity to adverse market conditions Attracting long-term clients is a powerful strategy for growing your real estate business. Long-term clients are likely to feel more satisfied, are more likely to refer other qualified buyers and sellers, and r...
    There's an outdated theory in the real estate business that suggests that if you want to be successful you have to chase as many prospects as you can.   According to this theory, if you saturate the market with mailings, postcards, and other marketing attempts, sooner or later you'll produce ...
   Client Survey Tip My guess is that there are quite a few agents who ask their clients to fill out customer surveys. What do you do with those surveys? Do you file them away in a drawer to pull out when you have had a bad day?   What to Do?   Place each one in a binder along with a picture of y...
Jeremiah 1:19  "They will fight against you; but they will not overcome you, For I am with you to deliver you,"declares The LORD.   At times when I watch the news and see all of the corporate and global financial problems , I wonder how we will ever overcome the mess we are in. It can make gettin...
As we have prayed for God's will to be done and for heaven to come during the Presidential Election of 2008, it never occurred to me that God would use that prayer and His Word to change the lives of four women standing in line to vote. This is precisely what happened November 4th at Fort Dorches...
When You Look Back this year Did attract all the clients you could handle? Marketing is what creates the lifeblood of your business - clients. Without them, you have no business. When you glimpse at Realtors who don't do any marketing, you see desolation; like a ghost town with nothing but blowi...
What is your Vision? If your goal is to stand out and attract clients, you must differentiate from your competition. To do so, you need to correct your vision. In other words, if your promise of service includes; delivering great customer service, staging your home for sale, effective marketing, ...
This is my first blog. In two weeks I will be leaving the comforts of home for a 3 day back-country hike in Cesars Head State Park 30 miles outside of Greenville SC. The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is 11,000 acres of woodlands nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We will hike 3 miles in and ...
Do you want to work with FSBO's? Do you like the idea of email marketing? Do you want to cut advertising costs?   Here is an excellent email campaign that you can use to help educate FSBO's. This is a seven part campaign with 21 tips designed to educate and shape perception.. For best results sen...

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