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Welcome back to our series on Waterfront living. When you talk about living on the water, you usually assume that the price goes up due to your location. I wanted to show you that this isn't exactly true and talk about what to consider when looking at water front property. We have talked about ho...
A. Misery and problems?B. Ups and downs?C. The same as 2006?D. Moderate success?E. Wild success?If you selected A, B, C, D or E, that is what you will get!Real and Unreal ExpectationsMost people WISH for a successful future, but they EXPECT problems and failure. They get what they expect and not ...
This is the funniest thing you have ever seen. Watching this laughing child will bring you to tears laughing. I think we could all use something to laugh about. It has been a great year. Next year will be better. Make you goals lofty and laugh a lot all the way to success.  Here is wishing you an...
Moonstones, gems named for their resemblance to the familiar glowing orb in the night sky, offer us more than mere beauty. Their association with moon goddesses throughout the world may explain why moonstones' qualities seem to reach out to assist all those who find themselves under the moon's li...
WHAT THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE, BELIEVE AND FEEL IT WILL ACHIEVE  This is one of the SECRETS of the Universe.  Before you can attain Success & Happiness you must first CONCEIVE it, you must see yourself Happy and Successful in your mind regardless of what your present situation is.  Once you can see ...
THE MIND"Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow RichYour Subconscious Mind is your controls your world. Humankind is seperate from all other creations by giving Humankind free will, which is the ability to think, to love, to create and to know T...
"Are you treating yourself as you were treated by others? Do you punish yourself far more than anyone would ever punish you?How have people treated you in the past? Have you ever noticed that you treat yourself the same way?Unless everyone has always treated you with respect and kindness, you mig...
There are many variations on the story of stone soup, but they all involve a traveler coming into a town beset by famine. The inhabitants try to discourage the traveler from staying, fearing he wants them to give him food. They tell him in no uncertain terms that there's no food anywhere to be fo...
What is life if full of care,We have no time to stand and stare.No time to stand beneath the boughsand state as long as sheep or cows.No time to see, when woods we passWhere squerres hide their nuts in grassNo time to see, in broad daylight,Streams full of stars, like skies at nightNo time to tur...
Here is a new addendum I just put together with my attoryney to keep other customers and realtors from doing fraud on my deals.Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Buyer and Seller hereby agree that the Seller shall give to Buyer a credit for repair and closing costs not to exceed the li...

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Selling South FL real estate, we are your south Florida real estate experts. Get new South Florida Listings Emailed to you daily!