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  The Las Vegas area is unlike any other place on the planet.  The weather is nice year around, the city attracts people from all over the world to visit & the real estate today, residential & commercial are CHEAP!  That's' why we are seeing so many foreign investors buying real estate today beca...
Sales does not have a ceiling for the potential for your income. It's unlimited! Sales is all about relationships. Whether you are selling real estate, mortgages, health shakes or beauty products.  It's all about relationships.  So how do we as professionals, effectively use all the tools accessi...
Technology is so amazing.  It is so exciting what we can do with our phones and our portable computers of choice.  One year ago I upgraded from my beloved pink blackberry to this lifechanging machine called an IPHONE! At the time I truely loved my blackberry & found no desire to change.  However ...
I have been making some pretty unbelievable things happen lately.  My results are ROCKIN!  What I realize is that, the power is in the ASK. I must ask for what I want.  Sounds simple right?  Think about it, people can't read my mind, nor do they perceive things the same way as I do.  Have you eve...
Don't get me wrong. I love a great party just as much as the next girl yet join us for something way bigger. This party you will have to get up early for: Contribution, Nature & Friends......OH YEAH!!! I am so blessed to have so many like minded people in my life. In keeping my balance, join us a...
7 things to know about mortgage debt forgiveness Over the past several years, millions of homeowners have had billions of dollars in mortgage debt forgiven, either through foreclosure, refinancing or short sales. It's important for real estate professionals and homeowners to understand that mortg...
Don't pay more taxes than necessary -- get the right professional that knows the rules to do your taxes. Avoid these 10 home-related tax mistakes - which tax pros say are especially common - can cost you money or draw the IRS to your doorstep. Sin #1: Deducting the wrong year for property taxes S...
Girls ROCK Vegas.....and not in the way that you think this time. Las Vegas has more to offer then what people think.  Real people live here that lead real lives, they have real careers & have real families. Contribution is one thing that fills up my soul & is a part of my life.  It is important...
I want to do my part in leaving a healthy planet for my children's children. Each of us can all make a difference now. GREEN Tip Did you know that 75% of your garbage should be eligible for recycling? The city of Henderson now has recycling pickup once per week, (Single Stream) instead of bi-week...
SMART MONEY IS BUYING IN LAS VEGAS!  This morning on the MLS there are ONLY 5980 AVAILABLE Single Family homes every price range. YO!!!! That's the lowest number since the 1970's. Right now, 12940 homes are UNDER CONTRACT in the MLS. That's over 2/3rd's of our inventory is already under contract....

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